Are Bank Robberies Up in Your Area?

They’re gonna be!

[quote]beachguy498 wrote:
I haven’t read of any on Long Island, but wait until Xmas and the winter where people have to heat their houses. Then they go up.


they happen all the time on LI. esp. in the nicer areas.

[quote]msd0060 wrote:
Your mom’s all up in my area.[/quote]

haha…almost as funny as them cowboys

[quote]ron22 wrote:

I have to do some med school rotations in chi-town and I’m definitely hoping they repeal their UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun ban so I can carry and not die.[/quote]

if you’re in a bank and it gets held up at gun point, you’d really pull out your shit?

another one today. makes at least 12 for june so far. from the latest pictures it looks like the same guy hit his 2nd this week. they were only a few miles apart on the same road. we had one guy walk into a wal-mart during the day and try to rob the bank in it. he panicked because so many people were in the store and ran out before getting any money.

just had one @30 min ago. one of the local tv crime reporter teams got there so fast they found the exploded dye pack before the police. the tv says this is number 20 for the mth. I think we need to start a pool. just gotta figure out how to set this one up!

bank was robbed here in Orlando yesterday. Technically Ocoee but its the same thing.

you would think the banks in my town were constantly being robbed considering that i have never in my life seen a cop doing the speed limit