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Are Bank Robberies Up in Your Area?


we're having a lot of bank robberies in the greater charleston, sc area. we've had at least 8 since june 7th and 2 today. 2 this week look to be the same robber. we recently had a guy plead guilty to 23 banks robbed with 12 in sc.
are bank robberies up in your area?






Wait, is this a parody thread that I don't know about?


violent crime is down nationwide. Still time left in the dog days of summer though!


hey do you really live in charleston?

i'm going to be up there july 4th wknd visiting my buddy at nuke school and banging hot chicks.


The banks have been robbing people for years. Nothing new. People are just starting to recognize it.


Chicago is working on stopping that trend. 52 homicides this past weekend. That roughly doubles what the largest city near me sees in a whole year. No word if any of the victims were bank tellers though.


Only 7-10 of those were homicides...the rest were just shootings.

I have to do some med school rotations in chi-town and I'm definitely hoping they repeal their UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun ban so I can carry and not die.


I never robbed a bank.


I haven't read of any on Long Island, but wait until Xmas and the winter where people have to heat their houses. Then they go up.



i worked for a bank for 4 years, there are most likely ALOT of robberies that the general public never finds out about.

Honestly, unless there is a big cash order, they arent going to get more than a few grand at the most. It would be alot smarter for them to rob a liquor store or something that has ALOT less security and it wouldnt be a federal crime.


Haven't see you post in a while. Have you been in training?


haha yeah, doing that james bond shit.

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really sucks that t.nation is blocked by gov't computers. :frowning:


Ah, thx for the correction. I misheard the clip. Still, a lot of caps in the ass over there.


There was a notable one semi-recently in my area (it may have even been last year) where a family man robbed a bank to pay for his daughters private catholic school tuition. I think he turned himself in shortly after.


Your mom's all up in my area.


theyre talking about releasing the IL Army National Guard on the city of chicago to stop all this madness.


Noted, but more than a few liquor store owners pack. I bought a car from an ex-con that had bullet holes in the trunk lid, it was used in a NYC liquor store robbery.



We have some old fart over here that keeps knocking banks over and never gets caught.


Your day just got a little better