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Are Bananas Low in Fructose?


I heard that they are low fructose unlike most fruits. Is this true, and if so, is it low fructose enough to include them with rice and potatoes as the best types of carbs (a la nate miyaki's carb pyramid?)


It's not that they are "low" in fructose, but have a lower fructose-to-glucose ratio than most fruits. meaning more glucose than fructose. I don't see many guys "repping" fruits as the "best" type of carbs because the sugar content (no matter which) is pretty high. I suppose it would really depend on your goals..


potatoes made the "best carbs" list?


Uh..why wouldn't they. Athletes/bodybuilders shouldn't be picking a best carb because its "low GI" nor because it's rich in fiber or micronutrients (that's what veggies are for). You should be picking carb sources closest to pure starch that you can..You WANT to derive glucose as quickly as possible.

White rice > Brown rice
White Potatoes > Sweet Potatoes (in terms of deriving glucose)
Plain oats are good if you tolerate them etc...

Fuck whole wheat bullshit....


Yeah, all types of rice/potatoes are fine post-workout. If carbs are equal, you won't notice a bit of difference.


What about lactose? (Assuming there are no digestive issues with it)
I'm sure it isn't as good as starch, but compared to fructose?