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Are Banana a Good Main Carb Source?


I was born skinny, and I hate eating since I was a child. For many years I've been trying to eat more but now I just can't add any more food in my diet.

I find that I can eat more calories when eating bananas. Is it ok taking banana as my main source of carb?

I also find that I can eat more calories/protein by cottage cheese/yogurt because they can be blended as smoothie, make them easier to eat. Is it ok taking them as my main protein source?

I know they probably are not the best, but I really need some calories.


Please, for the love of God start reading every article on this site about dietary principals and mass gaining. Make your 2nd post when you have accomplished this.


I was born 8 pounds 8ounces with ripped abs. Now Im almost 200lbs. You dont see me complaining.

Man up. Eat what you need to eat to grow. If that's bananas (lol), so be it.


You can't add anymore food in your diet? So you are eating all day? Next time you are not eating you pick up food and put it in your mouth.

That'll be $50. I'll accept paypal.


It doesn't make much sense. I have a life, I can not keep eating all day. Sure give me more time I can eat more, but it's will take super long time. Only my best friends can stand having lunch with me, 90% of time they are watching me struggle with putting food into my mouth.

Force eating will consume your will power, that's why when you are low, under pressure, or sick, you don't wanna eat(or don't wanna stop eat, depends on you gene) cuz your pool of will power gets low. I need to save some will power for my other activities. Actually when I eat less I feel much better except feeling guilty for my muscle.

I'm trying to make some compromise here.


They should seriously make it so that you have to click 20 article links before your account gains posting abilities.


You have pretty weak will power. You might as well give up bodybuilding and go play ping pong.


This aint your sport buddy....


bla bla bla bla bla whing whing whing whing what the actual f+++. what has this post got to do with "the intelligent and relentless pursuit of muscle" you remind me of the sherrifs son in the original smokey n the bandit film .


How many calories are you eating now? What's the macro split like?

Banannas are fine I guess but not EVERY meal. Cottage cheese/Yogurt is okay but the amount you need to spend to get the same amount of protein as meat I wouldn't bother.

Work, gym, home, work, family - we're all busy man, this really isn't a sport of convenience.


lamb, beef, eggs


If this is truly how you feel then you have 0 chance of succeeding in your physique enhancement goals

Last piece of advice. Buy a blender. Have more of your calories in liquid form.


Compromise: snack. Get a big bag of almonds/peanuts/trail mix/whatever. Carry it on you all day and toss a bit in your mouth whenever you're bored.



LOL at "limited pool of willpower" and it being used up like tokens at Dave and Buster's.


I got turned onto bodybuilding as a WAY to enjoy ravenous eating without getting AS fat.


OP, is there a fast food or restaurant you really enjoy?




drink eggs. use protein powder. eat coconut oil. drink olive oil. buy carne asada "preparada". add guacamole. snack on cheese in between meals. all these things are fast and easy to prepare and eat.

"pool of willpower" hahaha you're welcome