Are Aromatase Inhibitors Steroids?

If the question violates the forum rules, sorry.
I am reading about different AI’s in the market.
My goal is to help with my gyno, muscle hardness, definition, and basically improve the way I look.

From what I understand, it is not a steroid as it is an enzyme catalyzer…
Am I right?

Another question is regarding the side effects.
Again, from what I’ve read, it blocks the production of estrogen, therefore fewer estrogen levels but the same testosterone levels.

Are there side effects when the estrogen is being lowered in men? Such as panic attacks /anxiety/something else?

Thanks, and sorry if its the wrong forum / not allowed to talk about it here.

If you want to help with existing gyno then Ralox is your answer.

This is not my biggest issue though…

I assumed that since it was the first thing mentioned it warranted some exploring.

The answer to your question(s) is, in a nutshell, there isn’t any reason why someone would consider this a remotely good idea. If you want to improve the way you look then eat better and train harder. If your goal is to get steroid-like results without steroids then the answer is to eat better and train harder. There is no mimicking steroids and their effects. The drugs exist, they do a thing, and if you want that thing you use the drugs. What you’re doing is obliterating your e2–which yes will have side effects like anxiety, dry joints, mood swings, loss of libido, ED, high cholesterol, etc—and in return you aren’t getting much of anything. So the real questions are “what do you want to achieve?” and “why are you doing it this way?”. When you can answer those questions you will have a more clear path forward.

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Thanks for the long reply.
From what you’ve written I will probably focus on eating better and training harder.

The question’s started from a review I’ve read from some dude that had the same issues, and wanted to look better and used AI.
He wrote a very good review about the product so I was interested to know more.

So basically why would anyone want to use AI, but not as a PCT?


AIs have their place, but it is rarely outside of the confines of either a cycle or a woman with breast cancer. By taking an AI you could conceivably raise testosterone. But the effect is not dramatic (for most), the downside is unpleasant, and the results are not all that special. An N of 1 log from someone is not a good reason to do something.

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Man just be careful with any AI, low e2 feels like shit and a tiny amount can lower that very quickly.

What do you feel when you have low e2?

For me, lethargic & apathetic. Like don’t want to get out of bed, don’t care about anything, insane sugar cravings & constipation. I just lost my drive, that joi de vie, as they say (I’m sure I spelled that wrong).

I believe the depressive aspects of low T are in fact from low e2 along with it.


Thanks for sharing.