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Are Any of These Attainable As a Natty?

Will you not train if we say no?

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I would be impressed if someone could put on that much shoulder and pec mass while maintaining a small neck and traps, as seen in picture 4.

Of course. It’s not even close to not being attainable.

Shaggy’s probably is

I’m trying to make myself look like this.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!!! :smile:

It’s an indication that this guy can be natty, as steroids user easily put mass in traps. We are not accustomed to seeing small traps in gym anymore because of this. I think you can get this kind of physique easily by not doing shrugs and not using steroids.

Depends a bit on your age and starting height/weight. Nicky, I think you’re like 17 or 18, right? Not sure of your current size, but I don’t see why that first pic couldn’t be a solid goal after 10 or 12 years of consistent, dedicated lifting. Or were you thinking more like, “Are these attainable by the end of this year?”

Those don’t seem unnatural at all, especially if you start relatively young, work hard, and follow the guidance of some good veteran lifters.

THAT long? Dedicated and consistent training could bring that on in half that time at 17 or 18!

If you read up on proven programs from this site, really nuke it in the gym and do everything right in terms of diet sleep etc then the first guy is attainable after say 2 years. Depends on your level of commitment.

If you have the coin for a ton of of Plazma and Indigo etc then prob even faster…

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The first guys physique is attainable natty. The Asian guy’s delts pop too much for a natty, I really notice the “pop” muscles get when I’m on the gear, especially the delts.
If you want a good natty physique you have to have a decent 10-12% bodyfat, not 20% as all your natty gains will get hidden by fat.
The first couple of years training(natty) my friends and I developed pretty decent physiques. We were disappointed we didn’t look like guys in the magazines(on plenty of gear), but in hindsight we looked pretty good, because of a decent level of bodyfat,.Even though my arms were probably only about 16" pumped, they looked much bigger than they actually were.

Both of those can be achieved naturally. I would even say that better physiques than those are achievable naturally. Not everyone who is strong or looks good is on steroids. Some of them just work hard and eat right.

[quote=“CLUNK, post:10, topic:213874”]
THAT long? Dedicated and consistent training could bring that on in half that time at 17 or 18![/quote]
Maybe. Big maybe, again depending a lot on the starting size. But I don’t think there are all that many 22/23-year olds, drug-free, built and lean like the guys in the pics.

There is a big difference between asking whether or not something is attainable and whether or not most people will attain it. Most people are average.

Assuming they swing that way, I’m sure attaining them would be more of a function of the size of your bank account than your use of anabolics.

Attain is a verb that means to accomplish, reach, or achieve something through effort. You can attain a goal that you set for yourself or attain a high-ranking position at your job.

Obtain is also a verb, but it means to get, to acquire, or to gain possession of something.

Dammit my english sucks lol

Stick to maths, Chinaman

Also I doubt the Asian dude there is natty…