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Are Any Doctors Willing to Prescribe Nandrolone or Deca with TRT?


Here is a great read :slight_smile:



No wonder it’s use sparingly!


Never really affected me like the article states. It was a good read but I guess everyone is different. I’ve never took Primobolan before but have heard it’s very mild. Would be nice if we could use that for TRT. Sounds like it’s a better choice than Deca.


Primo rocks. One of the best drugs out there.


What would the purpose/benefit of winstrol on TRT be other than lowering SHBG? EoD prescriptions from florida? Are they prescribing injectable stanozolol? As to the USA not being so progressive, it’s not nearly as bad as it is in AUS, the TRT protocals are beyond horrible, I’ve lost about 8kg (mostly muscle mass) due to prolonged hypogonadism, therefore I’m thinking of taking something to gain back the muscle mass I used to have, trying to figure out which compound has the least risk of causing cardiomyopathy (not concerned about atherosclerosis though). It seems the most commonly prescribed AAS in the US are test, var and winny. Anadrol is FDA approved, so why isn’t that prescribed off label? Which other countries prescribe AAS for non-terminal illnesses, aids or asplastic anemia? I thought the medical community was notoriously strict about them in most areas of the world. Also isn’t inectable winstrol supposed to hurt like hell?


That doesn’t apply to western countries where TRT is heavily controlled, only places you could get this without a script is probably east asia


Thailand sells gear OTC without a script, not sure if it’s “legal” however people don’t care. Lots of Aussies will go to Thailand for extended periods of time for the ridiculously cheap pharma grade gear and HGH available without prescription (lots of counterfiets though). I assume that’s what you mean by east asia?


Yes that is correct, lots of Australian go there because there are loads of “street pharmacies” where you can just go in and ask for basically anything and they sell it, prescriptions are not required


Thanks physioL, I’ll have a proper read later


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