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Are Any Doctors Willing to Prescribe Nandrolone or Deca with TRT?

I’ve been on trt for a little over a year. I asked my current doctor about adding nandrolone to my current protocol for joint pain and other benefits. He stated he’s not willing to do it as there’s no need for it. I’ve heard other people on the forum talk about getting it prescribed and was wondering if there are any doctors out there that will include it in a trt protocol. I’d like to possibly try it.

Nandrolone is known to have a lot of side effects including long term ED. I would research the risks before searching for a doc. I’ve heard some clinics do prescribe it but very few as its definitely not part of a TRT protocol medically speaking.

I’m confused here. Your question is ‘are any doctors willing to prescribe deca’

Then you say ‘I know some people are prescribed deca’.

Didn’t you answer your own question?

Or, is your real question ‘can you give me the name of a doctor who will prescribe deca?’ lol. That’s kinda what this sounds like. I doubt you’ll have anyone giving out names on here, but maybe it’s worth a shot.

I have a close friend who’s prescribed deca here in Texas, and I know of at least 2 doctors in the Dallas/Ft Worth area who are willing to do it. I won’t be sharing their names here. But rest assured, such doctors do exist.

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Yes, I’m looking to find a new doctor to work with that has used nandrolone in there protocol. I’m not looking for an illegal source for this, This is a TRT forum and I’d think sharing information about doctors, medications used and results is what we’re here for. If someone would rather PM me, that’s fine. Obviously I’ve heard doctors are using Nandrolone with TRT.

There are no PM’s here. Nandrolone is known to increase hemoglobin and red cell mass, a doctors has to be crazy to prescribe it together with TRT. There must be certain criteria for it to be prescribed, like very low RBC and anemia.

There are TRT docs around that’ll prescribe it, just have to look/ask around (which I realize is why you’re posting this). Some of the “Life Extension” docs seem a bit more OK with it… but then again, you’re paying out of pocket for their services. With proper monitoring of your bloods, I totally fail to see why a DR has to be “crazy” to prescribe it together with TRT.

It has tremendous benefits with joint comfort at even relatively low dosages (50mg/wk does wonders for my cranky old knees).

My doc prescribed it, and he’s willing to use it for limited circumstances. It wasn’t just “hey doc I want this”, it was a process with additional blood work, and a lengthy discussion about the potential risks. It helped me a great deal, but I also really needed something for my joints. They’ve been bad since I was in high school and I’m now 35. Before you attempt to go that route you should exhaust all other options. There are things you can do for joint pain that don’t involve the potential sides of nandrolone. Stretching more (and actually doing a specific routine), some supplements, certain dietary changes, all can have positive results.

how do you expect anyone to help you find a dr when we don’t even know what country you’re in? lol.

I’m in the US and Ohio. Most people who live overseas don’t even need scripts for TRT. I think most of us are in the US. Flipcollar, if you don’t have anything productive to add to the post why do you keep replying? You bored or have nothing better to do?

I wish this was the case in the UK! :joy:

Where in Ohio are you?

Near cleveland.

There’s a clinic in suburban Cleveland that has an endo who does strictly TRT. He prescribes deca for patients who need it. Also, I’m pretty sure PhysioLojik is a fellow buckeye. Based on the knowledge he’s displayed here I would say that, if he’s willing to take you on as a patient, then it would be well worth the two hour drive. The man knows his stuff up, down, and sideways. Whatever he recommends to you you should take as Gospel.

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No kidding? I’d like the name of that endo, if you don’t mind sharing. I’m about 35 minutes from Cleveland but I’m willing to drive anywhere in Ohio for a knowledgeable doctor.

I’d be careful wanting nandrolone. On paper it might make sense but long term it’s just not wise. There were several clinics down in Florida prescribing nandrolone and testosterone with winwtrol eod for a few years - honestly man the cardiac issues with deca don’t justify its use for joint relief. Curcumin and fish oil do remarkably well. Deca has long term side effects beyond cardiac - neurological issues and neurotransmitter issues are very common.


Honestly, I’d like a little boost from normal trt with test and hcg. The joint help would be a bonus. I did many cycles back in the day when I was bodybuilding and always reacted well to deca and that’s why I mentioned it. I wonder why primobolan is never used instead of Deca. Seems like it would be better with less side effects. I guess at the low trt dosages, side effects are minimized anyways.

It is used in other countries. We are quite hamstrung by the DEA of course here in the ever so not progressive USA.

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What are the neurological & neurotransmitter issues, please physio L?


I’ve used GH some years ago when I was bodybuilding. I put a lot of that chinese shit in my body that I’m not proud of. God only knows what I was really taking and if it did any damage to my body.
Some of it seemed good, some of it did nothing. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting GH prescribed by a US doctor but I know that would be a fortune. I heard a thousand dollars a month which I’m not willing to buy. Even today I can buy any bootleg product I want on the internet including deca and primobolan. I much prefer to use US pharmaceutical grade products prescribed by a doctor.