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Are All Steroids Anabolic?


My friend is on doctor prescibed steroids due to a serious nasal infection. I don't recall the name of the steroid - none of the regular bodybuilding stuff. However, he just worked out and said he had the best pump ever. So my question is - are all steroids anabolic?


To put it short, no, not all steroids are anabolic.


Your friend is taking a corticosteroid, not an anabolic steroid.


Are you working for the corticosteroid people!? LOL


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corticosteroids encourage muscle wasting, diabetes, and fat gain...pretty much the opposite of anabolics. However they can make you feel good for short peroids of time and maybe that's why he got a good workout, that or the placebo effect.


If they were, Congress would call for them to be investigated.

I can see it now...

CNN Headline News

"Congress to investigate the anabolic properties of corticosteroids after coach finds Flonase in Barry Bonds locker"


cholesterol, estrogen... end of thread.