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Are All Pins Created Equal?


I don't think so. My first batch of HCG came from my doc in pre-filled syringes of an unknown brand. I purchased Easy Touch Brand 29g for my Testosterone. The testosterone shots went in easily and didn't pull my skin up when I was withdrawing the needle, but the HCG needles did.

I figured that it was just because the Testosterone was oil based and better lubed. (which is true) However, I used the same Easy Touch syringes for the HCG this time around and they do not pull my skin nearly as much as the original brand and seem to go in easier too. I'm guessing that some needles have a better polish than others. Has anyone else had a similar experience. Is there a favorite brand?


Some needles have a lubricating coating for 'more comfort'.

Note statements here:

The above needles are at Walmart, ~$12.60 per 100