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Are All of These True for Adex?

Are all of these true when using adex on cycle(test-e)? If not, please explain which are incorrect.

  1. Reduces Water retention
  2. Since it reduces water retention, means you won’t lose as much weight after the cycle is over.
  3. Your balls won’t shrink as much
  4. You won’t be AS shut down.
  5. Better chance of keeping your gains after pct is over.


LOL, nice. Guess I should have been more specific. Please explain which of these are incorrect? Thanks.

1 is partially true, but a lot of things can cause water retention.
2 is pointless
3,4,and 5 are just wrong

Adex reduces estrogen and related sides. Do the research.

Okay,after researching more and pcdude’s post I understand what adex is capable of. Thanks guys.