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Are All Carbs Created Equal?

Ok the topic is the question, are all carbs created equal? What I mean is this, there are carbs in things like potatoes, bread and rice, there are also carbs in things like milk, yogurt and cheese, and then there are also carbs in things like fruit and veggies.

So is there any differences in these seemingly different types of carbs? I know you’re supposed to watch your carb intake when cutting and during and after workouts but which carbs are they refering to or does it really matter? Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

Um, yeah there is a difference. Mostly in the rate at which a carb releases insulin (GI) and the AMOUNT of Insulin it releases (Insulin index). Stay away from sugary foods.

For extreme cases of cutting, some reccomend to stay away from fructose (found in fruits)

Others have digestive problems with lactose (dairy)

Yeah, to agree with the first post above, different foods are different… otherwise there wouldn’t be any concern with eating well in the first place.

Anyway, highly processed carbs have a much more pronounced effect on insulin levels.

That’s what I figured so now I’m a little confused. For example on the T-Dawg diet in the beginners section, it says to consume 100g or less of carbs, are they refering to all of these different types of carbs combined or specific types?

Which types are best during and after workouts? When people talk carbs in this manner which ones are they refering to? Sorry, I’m just confused because no one ever says just what type they are talking about. Maybe it’s because I’m a beginner and I just don’t know any better yet.


type in the name of the food you’re interested in. If the GI is high you want it peri-workout.

If you want to consume it throughout the rest of the day, go for a food with a lower GI (sweet potatoes, wholewheat products).

Generally, green vegetables are not counted towards your carb goal for the day because their impact on insulin in the body is minuscule.

What you are asking for is an entire education on nutrition. Something not easy to give you in a response in a forum. You need to take the time to educate yourself on these things and come back with specific questions. We can keep throwing back tidbits of info but it’s just going to keep confusing you until you get the foundation down.

Google the following: Glycemic index, glycemic load, insulin index.
Read the following: Paleo diet, Atkins, Sugarbusters.

Hmm, for a cookie cutter answer, after working out a serving of high GI carbs, such as Surge, is often recommended.

This is because after working out the body is not as insulin resistant AND because it can help stave off the catabolic response of working out by stimulating anabolic activity.

However, rather than getting little snippets of info, keep reading along until you can start fitting the puzzle pieces together… it will really help.

here you go figure Ill throw the fat one in as well

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Emphatically, NO!

[quote]Mikel0428 wrote:
Emphatically, NO![/quote]