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Are all 50 States Turning Redder?




This is a ridiculous way to start anything worth reading.

Why would they even do that?


This is probably the biggest waste of time article out there.

Americans are LESS conservative than EVER on social issues like gay marriage, legalized marijuana, etc.

I don't see how the results nationally of the last 4 elections could lead someone to believe a huge conservative push has happened.

Not to mention the "question" posed is misleading at best and a horrible way to gauge whether Americans are becoming more liberal or conservative.

Lol, in 64 the South had the most liberal answer to the question. That right there should have been eye opening as to how crappy this is.


I must admit Breitbart is known for it's nonpartisan approach to journalism




Actually, your response shows how far things have shifted. Not too long ago, the mantra from TV, schools, everything was "government owes you a job. Buisnesses exist to provide jobs, not profits."

Basic ecomonic education had gotten rid of this socialist bullshit in all but the hard-left base of the Democrat party.


The article IS badly written. Go google the underlying Cornell study. It's very interesting.

Basically, it's a shift to libertarianism, but incomplete.

Economics are there, but people still push social policy change through government --- due to some basic misunderstandings that tolerance and freedom-to-contract needs to permit freedom-to-refrain from contracting.

For example the next step is: you can get rid of laws about sodomy, but you should not legallly coerce people to do business with sodomites if they don't want to --- e.g., tolerance is a two-way street.


I think I get it. I've done some business with people who were insufferable pricks, but there was nothing in particular saying that I had to or wasn't allowed to.

On the other hand with affirmative action some people have set up systems where it is virtually illegal to not do business with them if you are bound by certain federal criteria (accepting federal funding).

They then cry foul when not awarded a supply contract or something of that nature to a large institution or govt. entity. My brother at one point co-owned a company that did that. After not being able to shake the feeling that he was doing something slimy he pulled out of it and took his stake in the company with him.


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