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Are AIs Still Not Needed When Adding HCG to Test?

Hi All,

I’ve seen so much disagreement on AI’s here it makes my head hurt. Question; going under the premise that if the testosterone levels get high enough the body will regulate E2 to the right level, what about when 375 X 3 weekly is added and the level goes even higher? Is a tiny amount of AI (.25 weekly) still not needed? I’m new here so don’t crush me.
Also- I haven’t seen the Defy docs or those big timers weigh in publicly on this, or at least I haven’t seen them on this specific topic. Thanks.

Sorry… I meant to say when adding 375 IU of HCG to TC 120mg weekly slit in two.

That is a horse of a different color! My opinion is wait it out and see. You may do just fine with test at 120 mg and HCG at 375 3X weekly.

I’m a firm believer that all you need is Testosterone for a true TRT regimen. You need to find a dose that makes you asymptomatic. It will take you some time to experiment with your docs help and dial that in. If I do too high on test I get gyno flare ups but no other high E2 symptoms. For me that number is pretty high though and not at normal TRT levels. At 120mg/wk I rarely would see a need for an AI. I don’t believe you need HCG unless you have upcoming fertility concerns.

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Adding HCG will increase E2 aromatization specifically in the tests. There is a blood barrier that will block the AI from getting there (for good reason), so you would actually be blocking E2 everywhere else except where the HCG is elevating it. It’s a bad idea.

All-Your comments are valued and appreciated.