Are AAS a Waste While Cutting?

Would you guys say this is mainly true unless of course you’re an elite athlete or physique competitor? Can you retain most of your gains on a cut with something like 250 mg test a week (granted you’re not MASSIVE)?

Not sure about your context. How big a cycle/blast were you on? 250mg/week may not be a big cycle, but its a substantial amount to cruise on if you aren’t a pro bodybuilder. I have heard many pro’s cruise on 400mg a week(a cycle in my book).

So if you are cutting, 250mg a week cruise would be very beneficial, if you are in a calorie deficit, and don’t want to lose mass.125mg/weekTRT dose would also be acceptable but you would probably lose a little more mass.

If you really want to do a successful, dramatic cut you are better off doing a dedicated cutting /precontest cycle. You could cruise at 125-250mg/week until you are ready to do a proper cutting cycle.

I did a pretty good cut last year, although my doses were higher than I should have used, but yes I noticed a great improvement, lost a lot of body fat and gained some muscle, everything looked much better. I am currently maintaining most of the good results still off cycle just eating clean and maintaining my training but my muscles aren’t nearly as full or strong as when I was on cycle, and I def do have to put more emphasis on the clean eating to keep my physique as opposed to while on gear. But it is nice not having to worry about pins right now.