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Are 50 % Sets for Beginners?

Im gonna get my brother into lifting when the gyms open again, and he has never lifted before. Is it appropriate for a novice to base his program around one all out top set for all the big compund lifts, or should i get him on something like starting strenght?
Also, would you count a 50 % set as one or two sets? Thanks dude!

Starting strength/5x5 template or something by Dan John below pro best for a total newb…

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50% sets are generally not for beginners, since they can progress just fine with straight sets. When they’re a bit more advanced, 50%/drop sets/rest-pause etc. are all tools to get a bit more out of training. Err on the side of simplicity with a beginner.

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Man unless you have top notch dedication and are a marine?

I recommend for the first couple months you just go and have fun lifting whatever you are feeling in the moment. It’s undeniably true that many of these programs have their benefits but the biggest problem most people face is not enjoying the gym and you come in with your notebook and try to follow some rigorous program the chances of you dropping and running are way higher. Besides, those specialized programs? Are way more beneficial for people whom have plateaued.

Man if you’ve never been in the gym before anything you do is going to be of benefit provided your form is right. Just make sure you got your form down and that’s all you need. Yeah you could get to your destination faster with one of the programs except weight lifting and bodybuilding is a lifestyle. At the same time it’s an activity you’re supposed to enjoy.

Play the game just stay in league that is right for you staying in the gym long term the real goal Mann