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Are 2 P+C Meals Enough For FFB?


I know FFB's are supposed to have a clean bulk. I was wondering if 2 P+C meals are enough? I'm a college kid off for the summer so all I'm doing is working nights and getting in better shape over the summer. I wake up at around 9:15AM and have oatmeal, some fruit and some eggs. Then I either lift (ABBH) or run on the track (The Running Man). Afterwards, I have another P+C meal.

For the rest of the day, I'm just eating P+F meals. I end up with around 120-150 grams of Carbs each day and I was wondering if that's enough for putting on muscle. Keep in mind, I'm an FFB and carbs don't work well with me.
Thanks guys.


I'm a FFB, do pre-breakfast walking...Dr. LL did an article on it. Trust me, it works really well. The key with being a FFB is knowing when to have those P+C meals, you need to learn how your body reacts to your diet, I myself, can handle more than 2 P+C meals. However, this all depends on how early I wake up, how active my day is going to be, and when I have them. I certainly can have 3 P+C meals if I wake up around 6:30am.


I usually have 5 meals a day. 2 or 3 P+C, and the last 2 are P+F.


I actually read that article by Dr. Lowery. I may start walking pre-breakfast now, but do you think thats a good idea, since I'm going to be working out about an hour after breakfast anyway?

How long should I walk for?


Yea, I definately think you can handle 45minutes of brisk walking. It's not as hard as you would think. Just be sure to have coffee before and eat something like a bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake afterwards.