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Archuleta Glute-Ham raise

Check out this clip, it is a little 5 minute clip on Archuleta and the kind of training he does. Check out this guy. Look at him doing glute-ham raises from the floor. He does them holding a 45 pound dumbbell like they are nothing.


And the mystique of Jay Schroeder is brought back into light!

… DB Hammer discussion, anyone?

I would love to get my hands on the program and find out how the heck he set things up. Clues are in Modern Strength & Power Methods by CT, Supertraining by Siff, and… well I don’t know what else. I read somewhere that Scroeder used Supertraining by Siff to design his unique program. I’m sure it’s not the only source but it’s a start!

I have heard that schroders training is best decribed as organized overtraining. Basically he pushes his clients to the edge and They reap the rewards for their effort. But what I am really interested to see is coach Davies and schroders combined work. Talk about a workout from hell.

Excellent clip … thanks for the link. BTW, Jay Schroeder and Coach Davies are giving a 2-day clinic in Phoenix in a few weeks.

yea, I’m gonna make it down for that seminar.

If I could interject here ? I would suggest you realize that virtually everything written about Jay?s work has been highly misleading at best, generally erroneous and really second-hand accounts of what people think he is doing. Jay has not released any information to this date and anything you read of his work is highly speculative and merely people?s attempts to understand his brilliant work.

If of interest, Jay and I are holding our first public seminar this upcoming March 6 in Phoenix. This will be his first seminar in which he discusses his methodics.

In faith,

Coach Davies

O/T Minor point: methodics is not a word.

From dictionary.com:
Methodic (adj)

  1. Arranged or proceeding in regular, systematic order.
  2. Characterized by ordered and systematic habits or behavior. See Synonyms at orderly

He could be demonstrating a methodic program, or he could be demonstrating his methods (of program design).

This is the second time I’ve seen somebody use this term, so I just had to stop it before it appears in the title of a book.

But if he can’t say methodics, how is he going to mainain his mystique? Giving ordinary concepts exotic names is key to Schroder’s mass-market appeal.

Coach Davies,
It would be a great idea, if you had this 8 hour seminar digitally taped and sold as an eight CD set for 149.99. It sounds like an instant classic!

Yes, Coach Davies, I do understand that. I have read numerous articles written about him and and the only thing that they ever mention about his training is that it will get the athletes remarkably stronger and faster. I apologize because I knew that post would sound ignorant, but when I saw the clip, I posted it.

Speed - it wasn’t a foolish question at all, I just hate to see everyone get some off base in trying to understand his work when the information isn’t accurate. Good to hear you are coming.

TrenchDawg - great idea but we are both unsure of whether to make it available in that manner as it doesnt give us the opportunity to work with people up close. Priority one will be with those attending and its going to be a great session.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I live in Phoenix. Is this seminar open to the public? If so, where will it be held and what will the fee be?


Yes the seminar is open to the public. Additional info can be found at

and on the main page of my site you’ll see a reference to article by Jay.

Let me know if you are coming - it is always great to meet those from the forum.

In faith,

Coach Davies

That release and catch bench press may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen performed in a weight room. I can hardly conceive how NFL athletes are exposed to so much risk, especially in today’s free agent era when 1 injury can destroy an entire unit.

It does look a tad dangerous… But I imagine they have a lot of practice with it and still that is only around 40% of Adam’s 1RM.