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Arching Back


I just read a post where the guy wanted to tell someone that he was doing an excercise all wrong because he was arching his back. Well i just started doing deadlifts and I do bent over rows and when I look in the mirror my back is definately arched. Even with light weights its arched. I can't keep it straight -should I stick my butt out more -I tried that and it didnt seem to help. Bend my legs more -didn't help either -any help would really be appreciated -thanks


I read that too, and had to take into consideration that most recomendations from reputable coaches are to keep it straight or arch the back to varying degrees depending on the exercise.

Just my opinion, but for the exercises you mentioned- I arch my back. The big mistake is usualy rolling it forward or slouching.


maybe : start with lower weights untill you get the technique right. if that isnt the problem then you shoud train your back in another way for a time.


What other way?


I started with laying on the floor.The stomatch shoud be down, then you do it like a situp, bending up the back as far as possible, do it loads of time and you?ll feel that it?s being trained, if that isnt enough then add some weight on your back , but dont overdo it.When you train your back you shoud ALWAYS be careful. And if you have pain in the back you shoud go to the doctor and look over it so you arent injured. Good luck :slightly_smiling:


Chinup variations (palms in, palms facing away), cable rows (focus on keeping back straight, shoulders back and down, and chest up), one-arm dumbbell rows, chest-supported rows, face pulls and shrugs...

Start off with lighter weight when doing Rows and Deads. Get the form perfect. Then move up in weight.



what are chest-supported rows?