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Archgoat Fans?


It doesn't seem like anyone ever talks about them. With all of the metal fans on here i'm surprised they don't get any love. They have a new ep coming out on the 14th,(18th for North America). Their original ep Angelcunt Tales of Desacration is probably my favorite release of theirs but all of them are good in their own right. So any fans of the band?


metal sucks

come at me bros


Not sure why I haven't checked them out before. I guess I love Beherit and Blasphemy, but I hate most of the bands that followed in their footsteps. That wasn't bad though. Might pursue further.


What the fuck is an archgoat?


Goat with a severely pronounced kyphosis.


shutup noob.


band is meh... could have just put this in the Death Metal thread seeing as how we have all types of metal in there, anyways.


Eat a goat dick, headbobber. Not that it matters but I've been here for years.


you're right, it doesn't matter.


Yep. Smile like a donut and bob that head!


Meh. Why bother when you have VOn and blasphemy.


Which is why I don't bother listening to Black Witchery, Conqueror, Revenge etc.

Compared to Blasphemy pretty much everything sounds weak.


I've never been a big Von fan but always enjoyed Blasphemy. To say everything sounds weak compared to them is a bit extreme though. Perhaps you've never heard the album "Putrefaction in Progress" by Last Days of Humanity.


This. There's TWO Death Metal threads for this reason.