Arched GMs - How to Keep Bar From Not Falling Forward?

Tried arched good mornings for the first time today just with the bar and noticed that i can’t seem to keep the bar anchored on my shoulders when i arch - any suggestions?

Get bigger traps.

Nah seriously (although getting bigger traps really will help) try putting the bar lower, as in a low bar squat (in line with the bottom of your rear delts), then keep your back and arms contracted hard.

my traps are already jacked!!! haha, kidding… okay will try to stay tight when i roll forward… thanks!

what if i just did the roll down exercise from your deadlift weak points article instead of arched GMs? you had a video of you starting holding the bar and essentially rolling down to your toes starting from a standing position… same difference? i am still trying the arched GMs but it keeps rolling off my shoulders even with only the bar, so frustrating…

Jefferson curl from your article

The Jefferson curl can’t (shouldn’t) be used with heavy weight and thus wont have the same effect as arched back GMs. You can do Romanian deadlifts instead or safety bar goodmorning. But tons of people have been doing arched back GM without issues you should be able to do them

okay thanks, will keep working on GMs…