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Archbishop Dolan's Critics Freak Out



I think it's great! Glad the hippies are being pushed out.


If he doesn't touch any kids he's OK in my book!


Hopefully (which I'm putting good odds on he will) crack down even harder, specifically on American priests, on the kid touchers.


lol. I take it you're not a "Dorothy Day" type then?

Also, there's just something funny about the word "catholic" and "being pushed out" that's funny together, no?


I hope so too, but I won't be putting odds on it.


Politics and World Issues


Dorthy Day was very conservative when it came to Catholicism.


Canon Law is coming back on vogue. Get your shit kickers on, we're cleaning house.


Political influences stated in the article. I'd say reading comprehension, but I'm not sure what your point is.


Depends on what you mean by "conservative" I guess, but that wasn't really the point of my joke though. Go to any catholic worker house in the USA and I bet you'll find some of those hippies you want to push out.