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Archaeologis Explanation, Please


Can someone please explain this to me:


If a sphinx is the combination of the head of a man and the body of a lion, how can you say that you've discovered a headless sphinx? Isn't that kind of like saying, "I've discovered the ass of a minotaur?"

If there is an archaeologist on here, please explain this "miraculous" discovery to me.



Well did you even look at the photos?

You can see that it has the same or similar design as other sphinxes. You can also tell from the photo that it appears to have a chin of a human face and traditional attire.

You don't need to be an archaeologist to notice these things.


Well, I only looked at the pic with the story, which looks like a lion's body and a bunch of guys looking at it. Buzzkiller.



Click on the photo to see more photos.


Well, there are some who think that the sphinx in Egypt originally had a lion's head, and was then later recarved.

As for the pic, it would be better if we could see the front of it. It probably has some features there that show that it was originally a sphinx as opposed to just a lion. But I don't know for sure, obviously.


Damnit people. Now that you've pointed out there are more pix, it will ruin the comedic theme of this post. No further comments, thread withdrawn, the plaintiff wishes to dismiss the case your honor.



It had a comedic theme?