Arch Strength

I’ve been powerlifting for about four weeks now. I have an extensive weightlifting history but 99% of it was old dogmatic Flex magazine “wisdom”. Needless to say, I had very little results. Anyway, I’ve been doing some max effort deadlifts. When I get to my maximum I notice that my back really wants to round (about early-mid lift). Should I work more exclusively on good mornings and reverse hypers until the spinal erectors are stronger? Or should I continue with deadlifting. I’m afraid of overtraining if I do too many movements. I do some reverse hypers and good mornings more as a supplemental exercise.


If you can’t do something with correct form, don’t do it, you’ll only risk injuring yourself. Though I do find it odd that you can do good mornings without rounding your back but can’t do it deadlifting. Do all exercise that require a static contraction to work your erectors; ie good mornings, romanian deadlifts, and if you can deadlifts. You’ll build up the strength. And really concentrate on keeping that contraction, think about it the entire time.

One more thing. Before you start the deadlift, make sure you are leaning back before you start the pull. You’ll know you are in a proper position because if you let go of the bar you should fall backwards. This will ensure that your shoulders are behind the bar. Then when you start the lift pull back, not up. Shift your weight as far back on your heels as you can (If there was no weight on the bar, once again you would fall backwards) and keep the bar as close to your body as possible.

If you don’t keep your weight back, the bar will travel forward and it will be much harder to maintain your arch.