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Arc23p 198lb Raw Meet Recap


Here's my meet recap from yesterday. I competed at the USPA Wounded Hero's Classic in Allentown, PA. First time I've competed in the 198lb class. I weighed in at 193.9lbs. I went 8/9, totaled 1383lbs/627.5kgs competing In the raw division(no knee wraps). This was the best meet I've ever had. I left some lbs out there, but the focus for this meet was hitting my attempts and smarter attempt picking.
Squats I went 407lbs, 440lbs, and smoked 463lbs on my final attempt. May have had another 10-15lbs in me. 23lb PR for me, 98lb meet PR.

Bench I went 297, 319, 336. 336 went up a lot better than I thought it would, so I was pretty happy with that. I injured my shoulder over the summer and finally got back and better to where I was before I hurt the shoulder. 365lbs will come soon. 21lb meet pr and 16lb all time pr.
Deadlifts. I went 540, 584(miss), 584. My 2nd attempt I locked it out, but I guess I got loose. My hips/glutes unlocked and locked out before the down command. I then cramped up and dropped the bar. Third attempt I was deciding between hitting 584 again or going for broke and hitting 600. Well I went conservative and nailed 584. My decision was based on that I wasn't leaving the meet without hitting PRs in everything. 14lb all time PR and 119lb meet PR.

Finished 1383lbs(627.5kg) for a 243lbs total PR.
All in all I was extremely happy with how this meet went. I went 8/9 which I was extremely happy with since my previous meets I went 4/9, 6/9, 5/9. I also was happy with how all my lifts went, I definitely left weight on the bar in all my lifts, so I am extremely motivated for the months to come to see my potential. Goal for next meet is 1500lbs at either 181 or 198, raw no knee wraps.