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Arbeit Macht Frei!


Ok. Here's Rahm Emanuel on the compulsory civil service force. Train rides and barracks were discussed. I'm over the age limit by a few years, so count me out of this one. The rest of you saps under the age of 25 are bummed. Time to get on the train:


Why are the Democrats so obsessed with bringing back the draft? First it was Biden in 2005, then it was Charlie Rangel in 2006, now Obama, Emanuel et al in 2008.


Because if you get them while they are young and moldable you can brainwash them into your way of thinking.

Rahm makes it sound so pleasent too, it's a shared common experience. It is not forcing people into a mold that they may not fit into or be comfortable with.

I like the way he says that's all you need to think about. So the democrats don't want us to think about what will be the agenda of the forced indoctrination program that they are going to impose on the youth of America.

I guess we shouldn't think about why they want to ban the sale of firearms that are the most appropriate for resistance to martial law either.


But Sifu, think of the parades! Thousands marching in perfect formations in front of Dear Leader's reviewing stand.

Oh and the berets!


Uh....13th amendment prohibition against involuntary servitude?

Or are they going to try and get away with calling this a draft?

I really enjoyed the irony of the line "giving people a sense of what it means to be an American."


This, and them wanting a stake in Big 3 auto...well, it's going to get interesting.


What you guys aren't appreciating is the potential efficiency of it all. Think of it! This time, instead of Hollerith punch cards to make the trains run on time, we'll have computers. Streets will be swept, the poor will be fed, the homeless sheltered. My God, it'll be glorious.

Each night in their barracks, the faithful proletariat will read a passage from "Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance" and reflect on the wisdom of Dear Leader. Drill instructors will hand out stiff punishments to those who fail the quiz afterwards.


Well with Obamas well funded civil service defense corp he won't have to suspend habeas corpus to unleash the army on us. He will just unleash his civilian defense corps.

What is the point of law enforcement agencies and the National Guard? Isn't their job civilian defense?

Does anyone know if Emanuel ever served anytime in any civil service? Congress and the likes not counting. Military, anything? He acts in the interview like it is no big deal. Would he be willing to lead by example?


Yeah. He served in the IDF. And stop being such a negative nelly.


I just want to know if these young people decide to rip up their draft cards and move to Canada are they going to be called draft-dodgers and traitors for not wanting to become US government slaves?


What makes you think Canada would take them?


Probably because there are so many goddamn hippies and bleeding hearts up here.


Will Austria take them?


Austria's too far to travel.


That is my point, will hippies take people who will not sacrifice for the greater good?


We have a draft system.

What do you think?


When a pretty level-headed guy like you starts a thread like this, its very well worth a read. Should be interesting!


I just don't get what their obsession with the draft is. None of the Republicans have called for one or even want one. No one in the military wants one either. Have you ever tried to get someone to work who doesn't want to?

We already have a national guard and a functional police. The only thing that could motivate a desire for a civilian army (or whatever) is mischief.

This guy is Woodrow Wilson II. Wait until we have another Espionage Act.


Wouldn't the Republicans filibuster to death any such law?

Assuming Obama really wants mandatory civil service; the law has to be voted on by Congress, no?


They wouldn't be able to filibuster it - they don't have the numbers.


Are all the recounts done? I wasn't aware that the Dems had their supermajority.