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Has anyone tried arateset and what did you think? I am thinking of doing an Aratest and EQ cycle?

I’ve heard good things from alot of people about it. It’s just a test blend, if I’m not mistaken. SHould be a decent stack. Have you stacked test and eq before?

No, about to start.

Have you ever done any cycles before? If not do us all and yourself a favor. Post what you think your cycle should look like from the research you’ve done, pct included, and maybe some of us will have some suggestions for you. Your one sentence answers are not helping, assuming you’re for real.

I have not done a cycle before and I was going to do an EQ, Aratest, and clomid cycle. Would you have any suggestions and length and amount.
I was thinking of 400 mg of EQ and 1cc of Aratest a week. For 6-8 weeks. also incuding clomid towards the end.
I am currently 6’0" at 205 with 12% body fat.

How long have you been lifting?

3 yrs

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I have used Aratest2500 before … if I recall correctly it is a mex lab called Laranda? Anyway, mix of enthanate and propionate (200mg enth/50mg prop per cc). Liked it … would use it agian.

I would personally avoid it with all the other domestic options out there, also i prefer a single ester product over any blend but that being said if that is what you have: 500 mg per week aratest, 400mg per week EQ (boldenone undec) 50 mg of clomid daily and for two to 4 weeks after (clomid is cheap better safe than sorry). Again time lenght should be IMO minimum 12 weeks and preferrably 16 weeks for any significant gains. I would rateher see arimidex at .25 mg per day with nolvadex post cycle but again if you already have the clomid just take it as i described, it screws with me mentally (depression).