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Arash Dibazar, Master Pickup Artist


Arash Dibazar is a Martial Artist, Lifestyle Coach, and Professional Pickup Artist. This thread will be dedicated to his videos.

Arash has studied the Pickup Arts for over 10 years now. He was trained by the best (Mystery & Matador from VH1â?²s The Pickup Artist), and over the years has developed his own unique style of pickup.

He believes that seduction is an instinct that is present in every man, an instinct that can be awakened with the right guidance.

[NOTE: I posted a thread about his videos before. Doing it the right way this time.]




Fuck this.


Creepy, full of shit, and obviously gay (NTTAWWT).




Why would you bring this up again?

It didn't go over that well the first time (a few weeks ago only) and it's just not that important.

By the way, in these new videos, it looks like your leader is sick....I mean wasting away sick.


For making everyone look at his ugly mug again.



You already made a thread with all this dudes lame videos. Why make another?


Going about it differently. Lots have changed since. Only posting new videos from here on out. The only repeat is the above one.


Dude, you only need to know 3 things when picking up girls:

  1. Be cocky and confident
  2. Have Money
  3. Never hit on someone when you're by yourself. Go with bro's and hit on a group of chicks, not 1 girl alone


It's pretty creepy how much you worship this guy.


Hope you're joking. I've put my weiner in a Hooters calender girl while I was making 10 bucks an hour, and rang up numbers in the triple digits (at least a 1/3 of which were legitimate TENS) driving a Ford Focus.

Only douchebags with insecurity issues worry about shit like their car, or their clothes, or what's in their wallet, etc.. if you're on this site chances are you're at least fairly driven and in good shape. That alone should make you more confident. Being confident should lend itself towards easy conversation, and that's huge. Being good looking is a plus and helps with women approaching you, but dudes have been getting ass for a long time without all these qualities. What's your excuse? Anyway, maybe I take for granted that I've always been good with women, but to me videos or books (which you couldn't pay me to watch or read) are absurd. Just put yourself out there and see what happens.



Being a little witty goes a long way, also, imo.


Spot on. Make a girl smile and she really doesn't care about much else.


This "guru" bloke looks like an evil paedophile pirate.


One last thing.....

Taking a pile of shit and dressing it up with a sprig of parsley, does not make the presentation better, as it is still a pile of shit.


It's not like what this guy is vomiting is all that off-base. I could only stomach the first video so I can't speak for the other ones, but the first one actually did make a lot of sense to me.

That being said, he took about 12 minutes to say what any asshole who's fucked some strange pussy could convey in less than a minute. If you are confident, it tends to make itself known. If you are not confident, this also seems to make itself apparent. Women like confident men, not ones without confidence. So no matter what your approach to women is, it should be handled with confidence. This necessarily entails abandoning all negative thoughts. And of course, if you get rejected (like we all have) you shake it off and get yourself back in the game.

Personally, I'm starting to like this guy a little. He's found a major niche in that there are always going to be a bunch of mongoloids out there somewhere who don't know the first thing about the way the world works. He's simply taking advantage of this and, like he's obligated to do, has used this to separate fools from their money. If I wasn't worried about crossing paths with myself in the mirror each morning I'd probably look into doing whatever it is this Arash character is doing.


the guy looks like an orc and you obv wanna bum him, so congrats to him as his PUA techniques obv worked on you!