Arachidonic Acid(Log)

my 50day supply(1500mg/day) just arrived and i m going to make a log with my experience. If I see any noticeable gains I will post pictures, right now i look like 20 Year Old, 1 Year Training - Rate My Physique Photos - Forums - T Nation but maybe a little better, for i guess i cant take proper photos that favour my physique:P my stats are all in this thread! If any of you has any experiences with ara feel free to share!
my current supplement stack is

pre workout
bcaa’s 17g
caffeine 300mg

post workout
whey protein 90g
dextrose 65g

vitamin c 1g/day
fish oils 10g/day

if the vitamin C is absorbic acid I would be careful reaching those high of doses, some studies show it actually can be damaging in higher ranges.