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Arachidonic Acid->Cy, Bill?

Your take on this new stuff?

Worthwhile or crapola?

From what I’ve read, this stuff isn’t going to be worthwhile at all; potentially toxic even.

Derek, what and from where did you read this?

arachidonic acid (AA) is an omega 6 fatty acid found in animal products and also produced by the body from linoleic acid (the primary omega-6 EFA)–AA is associated with inflammation and increased pain sensation when levels get beyond what is needed for survival–AA also can produce increased leukotrienes (sp?), which are a lot more toxic (read: high allergy potential) than histamines

considering most of us eat a lot of meat and get our EFAs, there’s no need for extra AA in the diet, and as was pointed out, it may be toxic

the average American has ABSOLUTELY no need for added AA in the diet, and infact, probably has way too much already

I saw the add for this product and thought it represented the “sucker born every minute” approach to supplement sales


Thanks for the info guys.

I just get all giddy when I hear the phrase “protien synthesis” thrown around. :slight_smile:

Bill, real nice info there, buddy. You know, I saw this X-Factor the other day and was absolutely astounded at it. Why?

I couldn’t believe it was being marketed, and I couldn’t believe it was selling at such a high price.

GLA is converted to arachadonic acid.