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Arab Rape vs. US Military Rape


Lixy decided he wanted to highjack a "tastless" threadI made. Here's what he wrote:

In responce here's a little story:

New Years Eve, 1994, Tokyo, Japan. My freinds and I are trying to get into a club, the bouncer seems to not letting certain people in. I notice that they are all arab. When I get up to the door of the club I ask the bouncer whats up with that??? He says arabs don't know how to act and think they can just walk up to women and put their hands all over them, so they weren't letting arabs in.

Well about a quarter after midnight we left to go someplace else and....to make a long story short, the arabs started roiting in the street. Japanese cops showed up and whooped that ass like the scene from Big Trouble in Little China.

Do US military members commit rape? In very small amounts it would seem to be, yes. I do not justify it and when caught I think they should be shot in the face. In comparison their seems to be Arab rape epidemic going on in Europe. In other words Arab men in Europe just can't seem to control themselves when it comes to "infidel" women. Why is that Lixy??


In this thread the plural of anecdote is data!


So in other words, if an american GI-rapist would face an arab sex offender on Spike's "deadliest rapist", you're pretty certain the arab would win?



OK. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=com.microsoft%3Aen-us%3AIE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7TSHB&q=arab+rape+epidemic&aq=f&oq=&aqi=


How did you come to that conclusion?


I don't curse much, but just to make sure my point gets across I'll make an exception: Fuck Arabs!


But do Arabs use light bulbs?

GI´s seem to be into some kinky stuff.

I mean the mere number of rapes can hardly decide this rape-off.


That's why "deadliest rapist" can bring forth a number of gimmicks that influence the computer-generated showdown.

possible GI choices - light bulb, taser, digital camera, decline board
Arab's choice - rope, glass shard, rock, stick


You forgot to add throwing acid in the face, and genital mutalation.


Wow, that IS tasteless. But funny too...in a terrible I'm-going-directly-to-hell-for-laughing sort of way. Hate to admit it but I chuckled.


I agree. I think I may be heading to hell for laughing at just about every post in this thread.


One of them carries God's blessing?


OK first your argument has many fallacies your pointing to another wrong as if two wrongs would make it right??? Then i'd like to tell you that not all arabs are muslims and not all muslims are arabs. third point fuck arabs they are messed like shit even if they are muslims half of them are muslims by heritage they are assholes. fourthly do u seriously consider sexual harrasment rape - iam not sayinf that harrasment is ok -. fifth point why are u referring to westrens as infidels i have no idea what you have been told.


Try some spelling and punctuation and you might be taken a little more seriously.


I'll see you there.


Touching someone is not harassment, depending on the circumstances it is criminal sexual contact or aggravated criminal sexual contact. Harassment is verbal.


Like George Carlin said, rape CAN be funny.


thnx for the info, iam not being sarcastic btw.


Is there some fixation with the OP and rape? First you start this thread, and before you started a homosexuality in prison thread. Something we should know?


So maybe Arab women actually want to wear burkas, self defence clothing.