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AR & IGF-1 Cartilage Regeneration

A while back Anthony wrote about his use of IGF-1 to help heal his cartilage. Anybody know how it went? I have a torn meniscus in a knee and am curious whether or not this may be a better alternative to surgery.

I’d say that the fact that he’s back playing at a championship winning level…that it went well…either that or he has an extremely high pain tolerance…and I’m sure all the haters here would never want to give him credit for that.

what sport does he play?



if drugs are okay for you I have heard from a very good source that this is damn-near a miracle drug/supplementation regimin:

  1. If you can get adequan, that is really good stuff for cartilage: 3cc’s a week will be fine for about 6-8 weeks.

  2. 200-300mg/wk of deca and 200-300mg/wk of test E. for about 12 weeks.

3)The combination of 20iu/wk of GH and 50mcg of IGF-Lr3 (4 weeks or so) is a fantastic stack for rebuilding connective tissue. The more GH you can tolerate/afford the better. I would do GH for a minimum of 6 months to completely heal the tear.

  1. The guy who tore his knee swears by this: 10g/d of glucosamine AND chondroitin. He says the recovery in the joints were bar none regardless of the deca helping out. The thinks this and GH and Deca were huge contributors.

5)2 grams of vitamin C a day…anything more and it’s probably too much for a tear as too much C can actually aggravate chronic injuries at times.

6)A good multi for the manganese is great along with Flameout or a bunch of fish oil caps (like as much as you can stomach/afford)

7)This will help a lot but wasn’t included in this guys ‘stack’. I would do about 10g/d of hydrolyzed collagen which you can get at www.beyond-a-century.com You can also get the gluc/chondr. powder for a much cheaper price than pills you can get elsewhere.

Remember, don’t jack up the androgens just because you are feeling good. That is a therapeutic dose and anything higher could cause you to reinjure that area. Be patient and be very steadfast with a rehab program. ZMA is also good for joints as the zinc plays a vital role in the metabolism of the cartilage. Make sure to get good bloodflow in order to heal the tear.
PM me if you have any q’s. If I had a tear, I would much rather do this then go under the knife. It’s an expensive order, but if you can pull it off I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Hope this helps.