AR-15 Carbines

I am considering buying an AR-15 and I have no idea which one to purchase. My two favorites are Bushmaster and DPMS. I am going to go with a 16 inch barrel for sure with a flat top receiver so I can mount an optical sight closer to the barrel. Any information or opinions would be appreciated.

Bushmasters are fine pieces of machinery. My bro-in-law wants one, and he goes for NOTHING but the VERY best.

I’m not sure about the new ones, but I have a colt, one of the originals, I love it, although I got it seriously customized at fulton armory, if you want AR-15 info, they know what’s goin on, I can’t remember the website, but if you search AR-15 or Fulton Armory in google, then if I remember right it was the first link.

How are you planning to use it? Different modifications serve different needs. What kind of weapons training do you have? You may want to attend one to the better shooting schools, before you shell out the bucks. Jeff Cooper runs some excellent courses.

Have a bushmaster of the shorty ak version. Nothing but satisfaction here. Its a beautiful weapon.

If you can swing the bread, go for a Wilson Combat model. They’re insanely expensive for anyone who doesn’t light their stogies with hundreds, but you also get what you pay for.

Hey everybody thanks for the info I have been working out of town and unable to check the forum until now. I have done a bit more research and narrowed the list down to Bushmaster and DPMS. DPMS has got a model called the Sweet Sixteen it has a sixteen inch bull barrel I have heard that it shoots awesome. Tad heavy but I like muzzle heavy weapons. The DPMS website is

I would go floated barrel as well.