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AQ in Pakistan


It seems almost certain now that Ilyas Kashmiri is dead - he has been officially replaced as commander of 313 brigade by Shah Sahib. AQ operational commander Atiyah Abd al-Rahman(claimed as AQ number 2) is also likely dead however this is not certain. Abdul Shakoor Turkistani, a Chinese Uyghur has taken overall control of foreign fighters in Pakistan.

AQ linked jihadist attacks in the FATA and the NWFP are daily events. Swat valley commander Mullah Fazlullah launched 300 fighers against Pakistani outposts in Chitral district on Saturday - 36 soldiers believed killed. The Haqqani group is still the main force behind attacks in Afghanistan.

How does all this concern the west? Attacks against the US and Western targets emanating from North Waziristan alone:

Oct 3 2010 - 'Mumbai style attack' planned against European cities.

May 1 2010 - Times Square car bombing attempt - US citizen Faisal Shahzad travelled to North Waziristan and received explosives training from the TTP.

March 26 2010 - US citizen Raja Lahrasib Khan trained in North Waziristan by Ilyas Kashmiri plotted to detonate multiple car bombs at stadiums in the US.

October 2009 - US citizen David Headley(real name Daood Sayed Gilani) arrested - trained in North Waziristan by Ilyas Kashmiri, aided Mumbai attacks and plotted to attack Danish newspaper offices.

Sept 2009 - US resident Najibullah Zazi arrested and later confessed to training in North Waziristan and plotting to bomb New York subways on 911 anniversary.

January 2009 - US citizen Bryant Neal Vinas trained by AQ in North Waziristan - agrees to become suicide bomber and murder US civilians. Also provided information to AQ on the New York subway for planned attack.

September 2007 - Copenhagen bomb plot - 8 men arrested for planning suicide bomb attacks in Denmark. Trained in North Waziristan.

September 2007 - Four men arrested in Germnay for 'Sauerland' suicide bomb plot in Germany. Two of the plotters trained in North Waziristan.

August 2006 - Nitroglycerine trans-Atlantic airliner bomb plot. Terrorists trained in North Waziristan by British citizen Rashid Rauf.

July 2005 - London 7/7 bombers in contact with Rashid Rauf in North Waziristan. Rauf is believed to have been killed by a drone attack in 2008 however this is uncertain.

In light of everything that is known about these attacks and others I can't understand how anyone can claim that AQ linked Islamists in Pakistan, Afganistan, Yemen, the horn of Africa and elsewhere are not a major threat to the entire free world.


Compelling evidence that the next coup in Pakistan could very well be led by an Islamist General:

  • Brig. Gen. Ali Khan arrested Jun 2011 after the kidnapping and murder of Syed Saleem Shahzad by the ISI.

  • The Pakistani Airforce was also infiltrated(Colonel Shahid Bashir etc)


  • the Pakistani Navy(PNS Mehran naval air station attack May 2011).