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APT Off the IPF Approved List



Guess I'll have to pack up the convicts unless they pay up like Metal did a couple of years ago.


DAMNIT! This is retarded! God damnit... And I just ordered 2 new pairs! GAHHH! I love convicts! Stupid APT, why wouldn't they pay the damn fee!


I would be more upset over IPF than APT at this point.


That's the way I'm leaning right now. After being peripherally involved in the organization of this years World Masters last week, I'm surprised that they don't want breakfast served to them with their fees.


Jesus Christ. It's only a matter of time before they jack up the fee's for just bench shirts and squat suits for other companies. They pulled this shit last year with APT and Metal. Metal just stopped making IPF approved gear altogether. APT makes the best wraps on the planet. I hope they don't pay the fee. I hope no one does. I am going multi-ply from now on anyway so I don't even know why I am caring about this.


Aren't APT going out of business? That's what I heard.


I agree with you. This is one of my ipf gripes . Sounds just like a protection racket.


Hmmm fair enough. I don't understand the IPF in this regard... They are just trying to make money and are ruining the sport because of crap like this. I must say, you are right that I don't think any other wraps come close to APT wraps. I am going to sorely miss my convicts... Sigh..


Fuck the IPF.


Last I heard it was like 16000. And that doesn't guarantee approval.