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APS Mesomorph - Does it Have Caffeine?

This could be a stupid question.
APS Mesomorph is a pre-workout. Nothing on the label anywhere mentions caffeine. No caffeine in ingredient list, but nothing says caffeine free either. On the internet, there is discussion on it, and people say there are 300mg per serving. But others articles say it’s caffeine free.
My question is, if caffeine is in it, it needs to be on the label. Right? So I can assume it is caffeine free.
Contacted APS twice and they won’t return emails. Haven’t tried to pick up the phone yet though.

Don’t know about the product in particular but if it does contain caffeine then the FDA requires it to be labelled as such. If its over 150mg then it says you can’t have if a child or pregnant.

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Okay - that makes sense. I might be naive, but I believe the label before I believe what people say about the ingredients on the internet. Thanks!

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People think Plazma is expensive yet blow money on a mix of stimulants.

Blows the mind.

Plazma is very expensive for some people. Realistically for me spending £8 every time I train isn’t feasible. Nothing against the product or any products from Biotest store but they are far out of the price range for some people, so buying other products that are cheaper or making your own is more viable.

Aps stuff is not even close. Better off using karboline and BCAA’s then that stuff.

Looked it up. Forget caffeine, it basically has a couple 1,3 Dimeth or a similar compounds, which is pretty much very watered down amphetamine

I agree. I’d like to try Plazma, but honestly $67 for as few servings as there is - I just can’t afford that. I’m an at-home, basement lifter - not a competitor. I am looking for a boost in the mornings (since I left around 5am) and sustained energy, and that’s about it.

What is karboline? Google search returns nothing (in English).

And so I guess I don’t understand. Looking up DMAA, it looks like it is banned by the FDA, has all kinds of nasty side effects, and you are saying it’s amphetamine. How can this be on the market??

…and now I’m stuck with a bottle that I’ve got to finish, because I’m too cheap to dump it down the drain. :laughing:

Any suggestions on a good pre-workout that ISN’T a banned substance?

I make my own so I can control what goes in it as well as its cheap as shit.
2.5 grams - Beta Alanine
5 grams - Creatine Monohydrate (Flavoured like peach and mango so the whole thing tastes nice)
8 grams - Citrulline Malate
2 grams - Acetyl L Carnitine
200mg - Caffeine pill

Can take more caffeine if you want to do a big lift that day but this is pretty strong on its own and works well.
Flavour is like strong peach and mango lucozade that is a bit sour. 8/10 taste.
Mix with like 300-500 ml of water and is good.
I haven’t done the math overall but its work out to be under £1 per serving.

I don’t know if I can say where I buy the bags of seperated ingredients.

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Alternatively Cellucor’s C4 60 serving tub are alright if a bit weak.
2/5ths less beta allanine
1/5th less caffeine.
4/5ths less creatine.
No acetyl or citruline.
Works out to around 50p per serving, homemade is alot cheaper than this.

I’m with you. I am going to buy all the separate ingredients today and make my own. I like the idea of keeping it simple, too, and knowing what is going into my body.

One question for you - what is the Acetyl L Carnitine for? I read about it, but not completely sure why you put it in your pre? (not questioning you, just asking for my own education)

I was also going to throw some BCAA in there, even though it’s in the protein powder, too. Is that a waste?

[quote=“hugh_gilly, post:10, topic:226195”]
I don’t know if I can say where I buy the bags of seperated ingredients.[/quote]

[quote=“hugh_gilly, post:6, topic:226195”]
Realistically for me spending £8 every time I train isn’t feasible.[/quote]
I might be messing up the conversion but Plazma works out to, at most, $7 US per workout which is less than 6 pounds. Cut that cost in half if you use 1 scoop, which is fine for many lifters and/or easier workouts (like arm day vs a bigger workout like leg day).

Surge Workout Fuel uses the same basic ingredients as Plazma and is a legit alternative, and it’s much less expensive at just over $2 US per workout.

I haven’t seen a do-it-yourself version that matches all the ingredients at comparable doses and still works out less expensive. We could also factor in the time/hassle of scooping together a half-dozen powders before every workout vs using just one product. I’m just saying, the “homemade is cheaper and better” just doesn’t pan out from what I’ve seen.

[quote=“jonkovach, post:9, topic:226195”]
I am looking for a boost in the mornings (since I left around 5am)[/quote]
No-Doz. Under 10 bucks for a two month supply.

Surge Workout Fuel.

So, no protein/aminos or carbs?

This is what I find sad.

Put a whole bunch of ingredients in a bowl and hope something sticks. Unfortunately, as noted above, no carbs, protein/aminos of any kind. Get pumped up and don’t feed the muscle. Boggles the mind.

Shit, proats is better then the above home made concoctions.

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The £8 was for the recommend serving sizes of the 1 pre + the 1-2 during. So three servings is what I assumed was recommended, my mistake I didn’t realise it varied depending on training sessions.

That was just my pre-workout mix.
I’ve never used carb supplements as I haven’t found I have the need to, also financially it is out of range.

I normally have protein post, and can optionally mix in BCAA’s but normally choose not to.

My home made isn’t better by any stretch of the imagination but it is cheaper which is why I use it.

Acetyl L Carnitine helps you focus from what I’ve researched also it Acetyl-L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. Stolen from some website.
Can chuck BCAA’s in there as well but for me it didn’t do much though this is anecdotal.
I have protein post but try it during and see how it feels.

[quote=“jonkovach, post:12, topic:226195”]
I am going to buy all the separate ingredients today and make my own.
I was also going to throw some BCAA in there[/quote]
For the record, you’re definitely going to be spending more time and money assembling all that yourself. Again, the best decision in this case is to go with Surge Workout Fuel. It was designed for what you’re looking for.

“It’s not as good, but as least it’s cheap” isn’t a motto that usually ends well for the consumer.

Fast acting protein and carbs before a work out.

I don’t need help concentrating for a work out, sorry.

The basic concept is getting the nutrient where it is needed for better recuperation and growth. Not getting hyped so you can notice a pump. Article here on post work out nutrition is dead. Look it up.

Again, you will get more bang for your buck with a simple proat shake 1 hour before. Add a scoop of creatine if you want.

I would rather be frugal and see results the cheap and have the shakes.

Buy a big ass bag of protein n a.bigass tub of cyclic dextrin. Less than one dollar per serving at about 75+ servings

Want caffeine buzz?/mix it with cold coffee/according.to your liking

Dont want carbs ;dont use them. Up to you.

@jonkovach If you want to make your own pre-workout without carbs or protein follow the recipe I laid out.
If you want to add protein or carbs go ahead though it will cost more but will undoubtedly work better.
@reconbyfire lays out the cheapest way to do this, I buy big ass bags of Whey by 5kgs and it works out to 20 pence per scoop.
It takes about 1 minute to put all the ingredients in a shaker and mix them together so don’t worry about time.

yeah I dunno about the whole caffeine thing but my roommate just finished using it. it does have dmaa in it so if you plan on doing 2 a days it will probably be enough to give you a false positive on a drug test if thats a factor