April Fool

Dammit! I came to work reminding myself that everyone’s a target, and a colleague (with whom I’d recently had an argument, so I was thrown off when she spoke to me) asked if I were in a good mood, and then said “Your fly is down.” I totally fell for a classic.

I almost made chocolate-covered cotton balls to bring in today; now I’m wishing I had.

Anyone else getting people, or being got?

Put one of my clients through a 30 minute, painful, rigirous stretch and told him afterwards that I did nothing of benefit all in the name of April Fool’s.

As you might expect, it was in fact a great stretch with lots of progress.

As you can tell, life’s pretty boring these days.

We have one of our guys running around collecting cots, sleeping bags, pillows, pretty much any sort of sleepwear he can get his hands on because we’re having a 24 hour “mass casualty drill” on Monday in conjunction with the supporting hospital.

Poor dude is making calls, trading our supplies for shit… we’re not sure when we’re going to let the cat out of the bag.

I also threw out some “zipper downs” and some “shoes untied” just to get warmed up.


I got a kick out of the gag on the T-mag front page.

What gag?

Or is this an April Fools joke that I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out? lol