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Appt for physical tomorrow

I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow morning. This is the first time I’ve been to this particular doc, so I’m not exactly sure what it is they test for. The nurse told me they’d do a CMP (blood sugar?), a lipid panel and possibly a PSA (prostate exam… noooooooo!!! but I’m only 31, so fingers are crossed we’ll skip that one). :slight_smile:

Anyway, I would also like to get my test levels checked. I know this has been discussed on the forum before, so I’ll do a search for the specifics on that. But are there any other tests that you think I should ask for? I’ve got pretty good insurance coverage, but I’m not sure how far it extends. I’m sure the doc could shed some light on what’s commonly covered and what’s not. Anyway, any suggestions? Thanks.

Ok, two things. A CMP is a comprehensive metabolic panel. A PSA is a blood test, not the magic finger. That’s called a digital rectal exam, and there’s no reason a healthy young man should have one as part of a health screening. There’s probably no reason for a PSA either, but that’s up to your doc.

Not to Hijack the thread or anything but I just wanted to say how cool it is to have DocT on the board. Its great to have a med opinion from someone who has a like mindset about training.

Thanks Doc I appreciate your responses on here!