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Apps You Like


I got an iTouch recently and I've been fucking around with it, and I must say that's unfuckingbelievable how many apps are available for this thing.

I'm looking for cool apps to add to it, but useful things of course... I've already downloaded the NYT app, free chess, and angry birds (which is the devil) as well as the kindle app, which lets me read Les Miserable and Moby Dick whilst stuck in long-running municipal meetings.

Anyone else have favorites of theirs?


What if we don't have any "apps"? What if we don't have an iTouch, or anything else that starts with a lower case "i" followed by an upper-case consonant of your choice?


ibubble lite. Its awesome, useful in absolutely no way but a lot of fun to kill time with. its a bubble popping game and addicting. DO IT!


Then get with the fuckin' program. Stop trying to be unique and give in to the urge to consume iEverything


this, or GTFO?


Words With Friends is a good app. Possibly the most used app both on my previous iPhone and now my Samsung Galaxy 2. Basically it's Scrabble on your phone and will work across iOS and Android phones.

Another good game for the iPhone I found was Worms: Armageddon (I think). Or whatever the latest Worms game is on it. A little difficult to get used to at first but loads of missions and multiplayer (sharing the phone)!

Other than those I kinda burned out on all the apps pretty quickly. I tried a couple of gym resource apps for tracking lifts but they were mostly cumbersome and a pita to use so I now just use Color Notes.


Mixologist is pretty good if you like a drink every now and then.


Racing Penguin, and Fruit Ninja, both highly addicting games that will waste more time than the GAL forum



Cmon man

dont set yourself up like this




Hipstamatic is probably my favorite photo app.

Netflix app is cool...can watch movies pretty much anywhere.


Dude, try it, I dare you. If you're an android guy, fruit slice. DO IT NOW!


I wont. I have addictive personality


Words with Friends is OK.

Free Scrabble much better. I'm addicted to both.


News and graphs are my favorite apps. and smurfvillage lol


WhatsApp, Angry Birds if you don't mind paying. Words Free and Hanging Free is fun also. I used MyFitnessPal as a free calorie tracker. Google translate is good. PercentDiff is useful for me (in sales) i use that to quickly calculate sales growth/cost decrease etc.

EDIT sorry you mentioned AB.


Didn't realise there was a free 'Scrabble'. Do you have it on Android? I find the WWF occasionally buggy.


occasionally?!?! the shit never works.


roly poly cannon - HIGHLY addictive.


What phone/OS are you running it on? I know there was an update recently for slightly older phones (offers Swype etc).