Approximate HGH Boost in IU from Peptides

I’m very new to peptides and such, but i’ve been doing rigorous physical training for decades.

I had a question that i can’t seem to find an answer to. Does anyone know how much HGH one can expect their body to release while taking peptides? Is there a maximum? and how much of a difference does, say, adding mod1-29 to ipamorelin make?

Any answers are appreciated and any information or links that is related to these questions is likewise appreciated. Thanks everyone, in advance.

Everyone responds differently so you need a blood test for IGF-1 first. If you are close to 300 then peptides will pretty much do nothing for you. If you are below 200 there is good chance it will help but no one can tell you take x amount and get x results.
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So, uhm I was under the impression that ipa mainly affected your GH and not igf1 levels. Are you saying that if someone naturally has above average IGF1 levels that a month’s worth of ipa pinning is going to have little to no effect on a person’s GH levels?

Ipamorelin will not effect IGF-1. Can’t speak to Mod-GRF though.

Edit: I should have made it clear that it will not effect IGF-1 in the short term. The best study we have shows that it does not effect levels immediately after administration or within the time parameters of the study. But over the long term (3+ mo) it seems to have the effect of pushing that number up, along with various other markers for increased GH levels.

They is no good way to measure your GH accurately. Your IGF-1 is what signals your anterior pituitary gland to secreat GH. Ipam sends the same signal and hopefully boosts your natural production. If you are already outputting a good amount you will not be able to boost it much more.

My IGF-1 was low @ 99 With Ipam at 500mcg ever night in 3 months my IGF-1 went up to 149 my goal is 200. I’m old I will never get to 300. If you are young you should also look into sermorelin as well Here’s defy’s take on it. Dr. Richard Walker Discusses Sermorelin Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone - YouTube

I’m mid-late 30’s.

I’m not sure why age would make a difference with sermorelin could someone explain that?

Also is cjc1295 no-dac mod 1-29 the same thing as sermorelin? I think i read somewhere that the cjc1295 and mod 1-29 are not the same thing and the the dac/no-dac classification is a misnomer. is that also correct?

Cjc 1295 w/o DAC is mod grf 1-29. It is not the same as Sermorelin, which is also referred to as GRF 1-29.

I did not save the links back when I was researching these peptides. Basicly they determined on men over 60 sermorelin did not work very well. Here’s some of my notes:

Sermorelin monotherapy is commonly prescribed for relatively younger patients who have significant
pituitary reserve and only need treatment for a few months, to increase exposure to endogenous hGH
Since Sermorelin eventually down regulates its pituitary receptors and actually “turns off” production of
endogenous GHRH due to ultra short feedback and activation of somatostatin neurons in the
hypothalamus, its efficacy of slowly lost and recovery is often required for restoration of function.
Recovery may be facilitated by subsequent monotherapy with Ipamorelin which will restore GHRH
function and suppress somatostatin activity that is enhanced by Sermorelin therapy.

Ipamorelin monotherapy is also beneficial when provocative testing reveals that pituitary reserve is low,
possibly due to hypothalamic deficiency of GHRH and enhancement of somatostatin influence. This
condition often occurs at early somatopause and can be treated well with ipamorelin alone.
Administer Sermorelin at 500mcg - 1000mcg qhs for weeks 1-12 followed by ipamorelin at 500mcg qhs for 12 weeks

interesting. okay thanks. i guess i really have a lot more to learn than i thought i did.