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approx max bench?

This is just a random question that i’m wondering if any of you big lifters can estimate for me.

There is a guy at the club who does a 6x6 flat bench routine with 450. Puts it up rather quickly too. He then does another 5x5 with inclines using ~315.

I’m wondering if anyone can estimate what a max would be off something like that?

Tried talking to him but he ignores most anyone. His arms remind me of that boston guy, both large and ripped.

6x6 with 450? Pretty big numbers. It would be hard to predict his 1RM because we don’t have any idea of his past training experience, nor muscle biopsy. If he’s never trained with maxes and never done explosive lifting, he probably hasn’t taken full advantage of his neural capacity nor would he have fully developed the FT fibres, therefore his 1RM might not be much more than his 6RM, but then again it could be the other way around. Using a 1RM chart by test done by Tudor Bompa, a 6RM of 450 would usually correlate to 530 for 1RM(85%). How much rest was he taking between the 6sets? If it was 30-60 seconds, then the 450 isn’t really a 6RM as the short rest periods would add fatigue. If it was more like 5 min, then the weight probably was close to a 6RM, but these are so individual that I would not take such charts too seriously. Either way, that is one strong fucker. What would you estimate his bodyweight to be?


He was going on a rest of about 60 seconds. Same as mine for the bench, I was 2 benches over from him. He had a spotter for his last set, although the spotter wasn’t doing anything. Has those really short arms which helps bench of course. Very thick on top, skinny waist.

About 5’9", probably a solid 230+. He has those classic tiny ankles though, with everything else big. Ripped enough you can see vains on outside of forearm, reminds me exactly of that boston picture.

Probably one of the top dogs i’ve seen there.

One other large fellow is truly unusual. About 6’5", gotta be well over 300, not fat though, rather thick. Is balding , looks about 45, and wears dark sunglasses indoors. I tell you he should play the part of a mob hitman cause he looks just like one with his glasses.

There is no possible way to tell unless he does a max. Weaknesses dont show up until you get to a really heavy weight. Theres a good chance he cant bench 500. When i was able to do 240 for 3 sets of 7 and i just missed 7 on my fourth set of 7, there was no way i could have benched 300. The only way to know is to do it

6x6 with 1 minute rests with that weight is indeed very good. 450 is definately not his 6RM in this case, thus I wouldn’t be surprised if his 1RM is more than the 530 stated in my other post.

While 450 for 6x6 is way strong, I agree with Goldberg to some extent on a theoretical max. What you lift is your max, the 1RM formulas don’t take into account the gut check when hoisting a big single. For example, I could easily deadlift 405 for 8 reps, which calculates to a 500lb+ 1RM, but it took some time before I actually could get 505 up…

I should add that I don’t consider myself a “big lifter”, just that I’ve used the 1RM max calculators before…

Check out the article “Big Numbers” by Dennis Weis. It’s right here on T-mag and explains how to calculate 1RM’s and some of the factors going into it.

1RM predictors suck ass.

Actually, so long as a subject does not perform more than 10 repetitions in the submaximal test, the use of 1RM prediction equations can be quite reliable and valid. Anything more than 10 reps doesn’t work too well, however. For example, if someone completed 8 reps with a 200 lb load and someone else only completed 5 reps, you could be almost certain that the first person is stronger. Given the same situation, if the first person performed 22 reps and the second person performed only 15 reps, that doesn’t neccesarily mean that the person 1 is stronger; it is no longer a valid test if the reps performed are more than 10.


i still say that the only way to tell is to do it. I know the literature may say one thing but as Louie says, we are lifting in the real world, not academia. If he never does any heavy lifting, hes gonna be in for a rude awakening when he loads up 500. That much can make a huge difference.

I never found one rep indicators to work. I could give a ton of examples, but quite simply the world changes at max time.
Now I could predict my max based on my past records really damn close.