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Approved to Continue Anavar 25mg a Day for Months?

Hi Team,

My anti-aging clinic has me on the usual - HCG (my choice), Test (200 mg week), AI (0.125 mg twice a week, my choice).

My doc has also had me on Anavar 25 mg a day for a couple months. Last consult, he approved me to continue.


  1. At 25mg a day I saw nice improvements, but I stopped taking it due to erection issues. I have accumulated some of the medicine now. Is 25/day good or should I try going 50/day since I have more pills now? (assuming I don’t mind the erection issue)

  2. He mentioned Anavar might be competing against normal DHT and hence killing libido and erection. I’ve been prescribed a small amount of T cream to apply to the scrotum to see if the increase in DHT will help. Any thoughts on this?

  3. My liver/cholesterol levels were fine on Anavar - am I good to do a longer cycle say 2-3 months, at 25/mg a day? Or better to do a shorter cycle with something like 50/mg a day?

Are you in the states? I want your clinic lol

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This is a personal choice. If your lipids didn’t tank I would say you are a lucky responder. I like to keep orals to 6 weeks and 50mg is now a moderate doses whereas 25mg was ont he lower end. If you don’t mind my asking… how much was the anavar through the clinic cost wise?

$4.25 per 25mg pill. It works really well in popping the muscles out, real pharma grade obviously.

Wow thats pricey but not as bad as I expected. UGL is about half that but you never know what you’re going to get (fake?).

I was on 50mg/d for 100 days. If your lipids don’t get smashed by anavar then it’s perfectly fine. Some guys get into trouble at that dose even on a shorter six week course. It’s all about individual response.

What do you guys think about T cream on the scrotum to create DHT and overcome the libido and erection issues on Anavar?

IMO, you’d be better off with masteron (or proviron as an oral). If you have such an open minded Dr., you might bring this up to him as an option

Edit: I say this because dermal application has its issues from transference to over saturation of receptor sites.

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I have but they don’t have/carry Proviron. I ordered some UGL - didn’t notice any benefits in that department.

If you’re having DHT issues, you should have seen some improvement. Its possible that your order is fake depending on who you ordered from. Masterton is a DHT derivative and should give you what you need. Your Dr should be able to prescribe it for you “off label”.