Appropriate Warmup Recommends?

Hey fellas:

I’ve been doing a log in the “over 35” forum.
Asked there for warmup recommendations, but thought perhaps posting here would be a good idea as well.

I’m 47 y/o and just restarted training after about 15 years of sedentary living due to disability and a piss poor attitude about life. For more specifics, see my training log and picture stuff under the post “Fat old man shrinking” in the over 35 forum.

Now, I’ve been lifting again for 2.5 weeks. In that time, I’ve done no more than 4 mins of treadmill a few times for a warmup. But, it makes sense I need to do SOMETHING before using the weights.

Please don’t say “Agile 8” because I am not there just yet.

Today I plan to just stretch and do maybe 5 mins on the treadmill, but would really like some input from people who know?

Thank you,



First do some sort of general warm up to just get your body moving and warm such as the treadmill. Afterwards work your way up in weight to your working weight on your first exercise for a certain body part that day. That should do as a basic warm up.

Agile 8

And stop whining.

Elevate your standards also.

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K I have to ask, “whining?” About what is it you think I am whining?

I am indeed trying to get good info and tips here, but fail to see any complaints on my part. If you would expound on this I’d be grateful.

Have a good one!


Ok, that’ll work.

Thank you!


This works:

Looks simple enough.

At the end of the day, you will do what you want.

Just not enough people here that do what NEEDS to be done.

Agile 8 works, is effective and used consistently yields results.

I put very out of shape people on the agile 8 as a workout to get them started, loosened up and give them a feel what consistency looks and feels like.

Your comment of “not there yet” is self defeating. I stand by my comment, stop whining and do what needs to be done.

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I would look up some youtube videos. Get some more options. And its up to you not everyone needs a crazy warm up like pthers were all different find what works for your body and stick with it.

Ok will do that.
Didn’t grow up with google & YouTube so I sometimes forget:)

A warm up should be something that gets your hear rate elevated, gets you ready to do your planned work out effectively and safely, and isn’t so long that it tires you out or bores you. Also, IMO, it should be something fairly enjoyable so you look forward to getting to the gym. Don’t over think it.

Options I like (keep it 5-7 minutes long, in total. Make sure you’re remaining fresh for your work out)

Jumping jacks (2-3 minutes), leg swings, arm circles, bodyweight exercises (NOT high volume).

Jump rope, shadow boxing, dynamic stretching.

Vinyasa-style yoga, row machine,

Foam rolling, band pull aparts, dynamic stretching

Jumping jacks (2-3 minutes), leg swings, arm circles, bodyweight exercises (NOT high volume).

After three months of no lifting, two months of no real activity, and a (literal) month of bed rest, my wife was doing Agile 8 her first week back in the gym.

It isn’t that big of a deal.

Maybe I need to review Agile 8 again.

Sorry for any confusion I may have caused, and thank you all for replies


3-5 mins on rower or cross trainer, super light. Then two sets of standing dumbell military press for20 reps with girly dumbells works well for me

For first couple excercises do tons of warm up sets(5 minimum) ramping up in weight

I like to follow the traditional pattern for warmups.
1: General mobility. Just do a few arm circles, leg raises, etc.
2: pulse raiser: skipping, running on the spot, jumping jacks etc.
3: Specific mobility: Choose some mobility exercises for the bits of your body you’ll be working on most today.
4: Do what you’re actually going to be doing in the workout, but with lighter loads, less intensity, etc. I like for this part to seamlessly transition into the actual workout.

Makes dang good sense. Thx!