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Appropriate Timing

Chirs Shugart, I am currently finishing a long cyclt of Androsol That I started on Oct 15th, should be out of it by tommorrow. I am starting the First phase of the Growth Surge today. Assuming that I will get my Mag-10 soon, and only being off of the Androsol for two weeks,I will also be taking Tribex, what kind of effect will this have on my Mag-10s effectiveness?

You should probably wait at least through a full cycle of tribex to start your Mag-10, would be my guess, but it may work totally different. You may be able to go right into it.

Chris I think you are probably the one to answer this question.

Just thought you guys were probably the only ones who could answer my original post.

Should not hurt the effectiveness of MAG-10, but it does mean you’ll be “on” for a longer period that recommended i.e. only a two week break between androgens, the first of which you said was a long cycle.