Appropriate Dose of HCG and Anastrozole for 100mg/Test per Week?

I’m taking 100mg/test week(50mg monday morning/50mg thursday evening) from my PCP. I ran it by itself before and after 12 weeks got bloodowork that showed estradiol at like 33-34 basically the last number to be normal.

He is against HCG for some reason even though a T clinic prescribed before(I can’t afford DEFY for right now, so I go through insurance with my general doc).

I’m going to start taking HCG that is not from my PCP now and know I will need anastrozole because at DEFY .375mg/week was needed for 160mg/week by itself to keep it in 20’s I believe.

However that was too much but I’m adding HCG now to keep balls there + raise FSH/LH/put me in optimal T range of 900-1100 vs 700’s I was in last time I checked when it was by itself. The only thing about this is that I don’t know how i’ll keep it from doc as he will order bloodwork I don’t know how much so often. I know he did it today for the first time.

Is it true if someone takes Test without HCG than they will have anxiety and other sides caused from LH/FSH being low?Some steroid user on youtube(SethSpartan) mentioned it.

“Is it true if someone takes Test without HCG than they will have anxiety and other sides caused from LH/FSH being low?Some steroid user on youtube(SethSpartan) mentioned it.”

I am on TRT and have never used HCG and I have no anxiety.

Some may experience anxiety without it, some may experience anxiety with it. I don’t believe the reason that the steroid user stated though. More than likely caused by something else. We all for the most part respond differently to different compounds. The only way to know is try it and see how you respond to it.

HCG doesn’t increase LH, it mimics LH, big difference. HCG if anything can cause anxiety, a lack of LH and FSH isn’t going to cause anxiety.

Doctors would be cautious prescribe something where they have no experience doing so, PCPs don’t normally prescribe HCG and may not have authorization to do so.


What would you say is appropriate dose for 100mg/week Test? Anastrozole?

No ai is required for any TRT dose. I take 23mg per day plus 200 iu hcg e2 is over 50.


A level of 1000 isn’t more optimal than 700.

Anastazole isn’t necessary for most TRT patients. Some men don’t even have symptoms with their in the 50 to 70 range.

It depends what you want to use HCG for, and it’s not dependent on how much T you use. I used 1000 IU three times per week for fertility and am now expecting my second child this summer. I use 500 twice per week now but might have to increase the dose in the future when we want a third child.

You likely needed an AI with 160 mg of T per week because 160 is too much for most men for TRT.

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So you’re pretty much saying buying anastrozole / HCG would be a waste at 100mg/week? I would like 900-1100 range cause apparently that’s the range most men are ‘studied’ to well at according to most T clinics.

How much does 500iu 2x per week raise your e2 vs running your TRT without it? That’s what they had me on for 160mg/week for a little till I read online it’s kind of a waste and less injections, etc not really needed unless want to maintain no fertility problems in the future. I do also like balls dropping to normal size vs shriveled up. It looks odd.

I just told you I use HCG with my T and have done so for quite some time.

There’s no difference in quality of life or functioning in the range of 700 to 1000. Much of what is said on TRT is exaggeration or delusion.

I don’t know what effect HCG has had on E values considering once I started using it with TRT I have experienced no negative side effects. My doc is highly qualified and I’ve been with him since 2001. If he says everything is fine and I feel fine, then I don’t fret over numbers. I’ve tested for T at 500 to 1000, depending on day of blood test and consumption and I never experienced anything different.

500 IU twice per week is what I use now to maintain fertility. The same goes for other men. It took 1000 thrice a week to GET fertile.

Testicular atrophy doesn’t reverse fully in many cases. Mine hasn’t.

Yeah I always assumed these people are experiencing a placebo or something lol. However I do notice difference of 250 ng/dl to whatever 100mg/test right now puts me at. Thanks a lot!

Yes of course going from abnormally low to normal will have you better. But once in the normal range, changes in numbers don’t do much.

You’re welcome.

Don’t worry about numbers unless you have bad sides, then use the numbers to figure out why and what to change. I didn’t notice a thing from 250 IU’s of HCG EOD.

Is there any advantage for me to take hcg though? Believe it or not I’m only 26. …so would it be wise to use for fertility

Anastrozole will not help fertility. HCG will, but it is supposedly better to cycle off of it periodically.

Is there any use for HCG for 26 year young guy on 100mg/test per week?

What is HCG used for?

Answer that, and you’ll have your answer.

You tell me, everyone will react differently to HCG.

Bull Shit you are just young and your body is dealing with it.
Believe me it is not happy and in time you will see the light.

@Emcon456 with a T dose of 100mg/wk an AI is usually not required to keep your E2 in a good range of mid 20s to mid 30s unless your shgb is really low like low teens.

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Hey I got an open fracture at work on right pinky 9 days ago had surgery 4 days ago. Would cjc help recovery? If not what’s best? Surgeon giving time table(safe side) 4/5 months with hand therapy sessions.

Dam man that sounded like it hurt. Do you know your IGF-1? Its related to your natural growth hormone. If your IGF-1 is high no need to do a peptide to help healing. T injections really do help bone healing keeping your Free T at the top of its range would help alot. I don’t think going over for an extended period of time helps more. Usually it just causes other bad side effects.

It’s from same source you told me