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Approaching 1 Year On TRT

Ok so I’m coming up on my 1 yr mark and had some questions.

Currently on 200 a week IM e3.5 days. I feel good and libido is good

I’m 49 years old and I currently am 169 lbs. I work out 5 days a week and I am not overweight at all.

Everyone who sees me lately has commented on how much more muscular I look so TRT is helping there.

I was anxious to get my labs done again this appointment but with all the crap with Covid my DR wants to to a Tele appointment.

I guess my question is should i just cruise on along like I am and leave things alone or should I be asking some questions?

I honestly expected to be chasing my wife around but maybe my expectations were wrong on what to expect.


Your protocol might be a little aggressive, 100mg E3D is a lot. It’s tough to say one way or the other as response to TRT is very individual. I have heard some members say that while the higher dosages are good for muscle, not so much for libdo.

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200 is a lot to start with. You can get your own labs at many discount places if you are curious instead of waiting on your dr.
If you are dialed in I wouldn’t jack with anything in this time of COVID-19. I would just continue to cruise along.

Should have said I didn’t start there. I was 100 first 6 months then DR increased it based on labs to 200.

I originally was one large dose but had bad vertigo so switched to every 3.5 days and the vertigo stopped and I’ve been feeling pretty damn good.

There are other thing than can affect libido, you can add age to the list below.

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Poor sleep
  • Medications
  • Stress/depression
  • Low testosterone
  • Infections
  • High prolactin
  • Low thyroid hormones
  • Alcohol & drugs
  • Surgery
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol

Is there an aspect of TRT with which you are dissatisfied? If not, then I’m not sure what questions to ask. You stated libido is good, but yet your later comment sounds as though it is not what you’d like it to be. This is very subjective. I had a guy with good lab values tell me his libido could be better. I had to ask the question. He told me he and his wife, of 15 years, were having sex twice a day.

Actually no there isn’t any aspect that I’m dissatisfied with.

Honestly it has been pretty life changing. I have a clarity that is hard to explain. My ambition levels are way up. My strength and drive in the gym are up. There is a definite change in my libido for the better but I hear some stories of guys that are ready to go twice a day everyday or now it’s hottie day at Wall Mart. I haven’t experienced those symptoms but I’m also not complaining either.

So yeah I guess I don’t have any questions.

Was just wondering because of this forum and all the changes in protocol that I see from others if I have just arrived at “my” destination sooner and now I just continue doing what I’m doing.

Thanks for chiming In.

What you read on here is not the norm. The stories here would comprise of less than 5% on my patients, and never for some, fairly rare in the grand scheme of things.

Get your labs done. Then make an adjustment depending on numbers. But make an adjust at lowering the dose to 180mg a week, and stick with that for 12weeks or more. My libido changed for the better with a drop in mg’s per week. Went from 175 to 160. Energy is up again and other improvements are sure to come.