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Apprehensive About Self Injections

Ok, so after some considerable time of assessing my options and looking for help, I’m finally due to start TRT next week.

I’ve been prescribed the following (quoted as per the letter from my clinic):

0.15ml twice weekly enanthate (about a fifth of a 1ml syringe)

0.2ml of HCG twice weekly after mixing with 2ml of BAC water

I’ve been suffering some pretty severe symptoms for the last three years now (though I didn’t understand what they were for most of that time) so I’m looking forward to getting started, but also a little apprehensive about self administering my medication.

That’s partly nerves about the proposition of physically inserting a needle into myself, but probably more so about doing it right and not inadvertently doing myself harm. Having read the detailed instructions, there’s more complexity than I was expecting (admittedly I don’t really know what I was expecting).

Any advice, tips or reassurance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Go to your doctor’s office and have the MA walk you through it. A lot of ours do that the first couple of times.

I was started out on 18 gauge harpoons, hurt tremendously but found 29 gauge 1/2" insulin syringes to be 100% painless. So painless I could see myself injecting everyday. I inject in the quads and deltoids.

I was petrified of needles at the beginning. My wife is in medical, so I had her inject me. I believe it was on the second injection that she injected between the muscle and the skin. From then on, I just sucked it up and did it myself.

I’ve injected twice (months apart) with a 1" needle. Once 23g for sure, the other 24g maybe? Both times I get a red zit thinger. I’m lousy at injecting.

Thinking of either (a) drawing with the 20g or 23g tips I have and buying maybe 27-29g 1/2" inch tips to inject or (b) using the box of 29g 1/2" insulin syringes that have non removable needles… just wondering if I would wreck the sharp tip by drawing with it before injecting?

I’m thinking a 1/2" should be deep enough on a fairly slim dude and I would eliminate the chance of scar tissue. I think.

I use 29g 1/2 inch insulin syringes. I draw and pin with the same needle. Not an issue. 1/2 inch is plenty deep enough for the delt.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I’ve actually been Rev I ended to do a subcutaneous injection in the belly area. Is this unusual?

OK Thanks. I’ll try that on Tuesday’s shot.

You are starting at 60mg a week? From a private clinic?

Well, my prescription is as described in my OP. 0.15ml twice per week - does that translate to 60mg per week? I’m honestly not familiar with the conversions.

I’ve gone through a reputable, specialist clinic in the UK. Does that dosage sound a lot?

Typically test is 200mg per ml. 60mg is very low. Very unusual for anyone to start under 100mg per week. 120-150 is more typical.

ml is a volume. You need to know how much testosterone is in that volume to figure out your dose (doses are in milligrams when it comes to T)

T comes in 100mg/ml, 200 and 250. Yours is probably 200

So, 200 x 0.3 = 60mg/week.

That is a very low dose and not one that would work for the vast majority of TRT patients.

No it’s not a lot, actually it is at least 50% less than an average dosage. Minimum you will likely need 100mg to 150mg, more if you metabolize test more quickly than usual which is less common.

I’m the rare exception needing 50mg weekly and am overly sensitive to TRT, medications, alcohol and even caffeine.

Dont be a puss, and suck it up!

Sensitivity this… sensitivity that…
When are you going to be benefit from TRT? I mean, with TRT my tolerance for everything went up. Times are super tough. Time to up the dose!

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There are tons of videos on how to self inject.

First, if planning on subQ be prepared to have that insulin needle in you for over a minute due to the viscosity of the oil. Secondly, a lot of here have tried subQ with minimal success where the injection point ends up as a red welt that takes a week or more to go away.

IM is easier. If you have a spouse or SO to inject you, use them. It may be scary for you both but I assure you the learning curve is short. If not, inject way up towards the upper quad OR inject in the delts with a 1/2" 25g. Super easy and painless.

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