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Appreciate Routine Feedback

I am 27 years old, and have always been a big (not lean) guy. I have been using this regiment along with a pretty strict low fat diet since january and have had pretty great results. I have lost approximately 60 pounds, and now have definition in my arms, chest and back that I have never had.

I now want to start building up some muscle, and am thinking about adding some whey protein in my diet to supplement.

In my current diet I eat about 15 -20 grams of fat a day, and normally eat lean meats like tuna/chicken for my protein.

Here is what I do, please let me know if I should keep doing this or any advice anyone has for me.

all of this I do 3 of 10

DB Unilateral Row
Upright Rows
Incline DB Press
DB Shrug
Flat BB bench

EZ Supinated Biceps curl
CBL neutral tricep push down
Reverse Curls

day 3
Decline DB Bench
DB Raises
CBL seated row
Lat Pulldowns
Flat DB Bench

Day 4
Hammer Curls
DB extentions
CBL Neutral triceps push down
Hip Sled
Calf raises

Day 5
Upright rows
flat bb bench
db raises
military press

IF YOU HAVE NO LEGS that would work just fine.

YOU NEED to put in squats and deadlifts. As a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend making your own program. You could check out Waterbury’s stuff.

But, if you insist on making your own program, try to switch up the set/rep schemes. 3x10 will be fine but maybe do 1 week 3x10, next week 5x5, next week 2x15, and maybe even a heavy 8x3 week. Just changing up this will help you maintain any gains on the program.

[quote]LCCHSathlete wrote:
IF YOU HAVE NO LEGS that would work just fine.

Huh? You missed calf raises on day 4…geez

I guess I would classify myself as a beginner, but I have been lifting since I was 14. The workout that I have is a variation of several football strength and conditioning workouts I have had over the years (minus a lot of the legs) This is mainly due to already having very large legs and jogging a mile everyday I guess as an alternative to many leg exercises. Any thoughts on introducing more protein in the form of whey?