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Appreciate Help with my Goals to Become More Muscular

So i’ve just started working out from home and improving my nutrition. But i don 't know if i’m doing it right and i would like you guys opinion on what i should do. Atm i weigh 138 pounds, 5 foot 10.5 tall and have about 8.8% body fat. But im not muscular nor am i skinny. What should i do if i want to be more muscular overall? Gain weight or stay exactly where i am? And what kind of exercises should i try to do? I’ve been trying hiit lately, but dont know if that’s the right approach since i’m not trying to lose weight. I would also like you guys opinion on calorie intake. How much calories? How much protein?

Would appreciate the help from a more experieced member here.

Trust me you are skinny but not muscular.

I got the 5 step plan for you right here.

  1. Pick any program from this site and lift 3-6x per week.
  2. During this time eat 3-4 meals a day and make sure each meal has a protein, carb, fat, and veggie.
  3. Run or play a sport 2x a week.
  4. Do this for one whole year.
  5. Bust your ass during this period and do all these things and you will be bigger and stronger.

Do steps 1-5 again for 5-20 years and you will have the body of your dreams!

Op what is your end goal?

Yeah run through programs off this site, perfect world join a gym and get going with something like this…

If limited equipment do this…

Diet -eat big and high protein until hit say 165 then evaluate