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Appraisal of My Routine and Diet?

been training since december 07 now, but i don’t lift in the summers (at camp) so that tends to undo some of both the good and the bad that i accomplish between school starting and the beginning of rugby season (sept-april usually).

my first lifting season i bounced around with various programs and stuff, didn’t diet nearly at all, and was generally a weak (but lean) little guy (i’m 5’5). last year i ended the summer far fatter than i would’ve liked but for some reason decided that i should start bulking and went from a fat 146 in september to 164 lbs at 18.6% bfp in april (which was also the strongest i’ve been, but i was far from lean).

last year i also began taking protein supplements but between not taking enough of them and eating every single piece of bread that came anywhere near me i wasn’t exactly dieting properly. i came out of this summer much leaner and not too weak, i’m currently 145 lbs at 12.82% bfp still cutting till i get down to 10%.

this year i realized that every time i attempted to up the intensity in the last two years i was undermined by a bad habit of trying to fit in too many isolation exercises and as a result have cut them out entirely.

my current program consists of working out every monday, wednesday and friday. i do three sets of each exercise and shoot for 8 reps on the first set 6-7 on the second set and 5-6 on the third set. as soon as i can do three full sets at a given weight i increase it, as such the numbers i put here will probably be entirely inaccurate very soon.

i alternate each week doing squats mondays and fridays with deadlifts wednesdays or vice versa.
3 weeks after i’ve started lifting again, each workout looks something like this:
Squats: 3x8x195

Deadlifts: 3x8x135 (puny i know, but i just started them this year and i’m not entirely confident of my form. due to the dangerous nature of the exercise i would rather err on the side of caution rather than push it too early and get injured).
Bench: 3x8x150

Behind the neck barbell press: 3x8x65 (this i might replace with military because it aggravates my right shoulder, which i separated a while ago and never healed right)
hammer strength seated row: 3x8x120
i dont really do any cardio unless you count biking to school and home every day (about 3.2km)

i’ve started being more nutrition conscious but i’ve been an extremely picky eater since i was very small and while some old habits die hard, this one simply refuses to die. therefore, this is my current diet as it stands:

breakfast(8:00-8:25): a bowl of vector cereal with skim milk, and a scoop of leanfit whey protein (25g protein). this is also when i take my adderrall for my ADHD.

lunch(es)(11:20-11:45, 2:30-3:05) between the middle of second period and the end of lunch (mostly towards lunch) i’ll gradually mow through a peanut butter sandwich on dempsters 12 grain bread, and between the middle of fourth period and biking home from school i’ll eat an MLO bioprotien bar (23g protein).

upon getting home (usually around 3:30) i’ll have another scoop of leanfit.
at around 6:30 i’ll have another scoop and some applesauce as well as two boxes of raisins and a bowl of astro original all natural vanilla yogurt
at 9:30 i’ll have another scoop of leanfit and i’ll usually get to bed around 11:30-12:00.

i’ve been trying to figure out if i should start taking Vegegreens as an additional supplement due to my aforementioned pickiness, if anyone has had personal experience with the stuff kindly let me know how it was…

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Your legs are looking like theyre developing really well (Minus the hefty tan-line) did you play a lot of sports pre-bodybuilding?

You’ve had your newb gains on the upper body, but man if you want to get bigger from here EAT.

i mean AT LEAST double what you are now, if not more. Spread your meals out so your having 8-10 protein filled meals throughout the day and just pack in the calouries, dont be afraid to gain a little fat, by the looks of you you’ll have no worries cutting later.

At the moment im eating:
6 egg whites plus 2 yolk cheese omelette and a bowl of oats with yoghurt.
protein shake
tuna+some form of clean carbs
ham/meat and salad sandwhich
-workout nutrition
gainer shake again
chicken breast+rice
Steak/sausages and salad
protein shake

im about 170 lbs, changing my diet from like yours to like this took me from about 160.

Now im increasing portions for the next increase!

Lenghty reply i know, just wanted to give you an idea.

Good luck bro!

Don’t cut out isolation exercises entirely, they have their place.

Other than that, eat more.

i play rugby in the spring and i’m sure lugging boats across portages on canoe trip in the summer had a hand in the leg developement (and the tan line).

thanks for the great meal ideas i’ll definetely check them out, hopefully i can make some gains as big as you did.

what isolation exercises would you recommend i throw back in?